Manga My Hero Academia

Point of No Return [My Hero Academia 341]

Time for Spinner to take the stage.

That’s right, Y’all. Spinner will lead the disenfranchised heteromorphs on a noble quest for equality. Too bad, even acting a force for “good” means Spinner’s a pawn for the bigger baddies. Shigaraki. Skeptic & the Liberation Army. All For One. To them he’ll simply a means to further their goals. Yep, our pal Spinner continues his trend of being in waaaay over his head.

Does Horikoshi have the talent to pull off the heteromorph inequality angle? To show the plight of those discriminated against and sometimes thought as less than human? Is he just gonna label all of them as bad guys or will we get a bit more subtlety? I hope so, but it’s not looking good. Where was Deku’s disdain for the people attacking the Fox Woman just because of her looks? The reactions from heteromorph heroes when said woman explained being unable to find a place to stay, again, because of her looks?

Spinner’s Def Comedy Jam begins
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Hope You Got A Passport [My Hero Vigilantes 118]

Who says you can’t be a hero?

With Number 6 currently made up of plasma, Koichi can go all out without fear of killing him. This battle just got a lot more fun for our favorite vigilante who’s all smiles during the most dangerous fight of his life. But, is it the end of the road for Koichi? Both literally and for his vigilantism?

Look, as much as I want Koichi becoming an official hero, if he doesn’t want to do it, it’s not happening. But, finally, FINALLY, that spark. That wondrous desire to be a hero has revealed itself. It’s been there for a while now, but it’s Koichi’s acknowledgement of wanting to continue being a warrior of justice that was needed. Now, the option of The Crawler getting a hero license is on the table. It can happen. In fact, if Koichi wants to continue fighting the good fight, he has to get a license.

Cut! Koichi, you forgot to yell out your attack name. Let’s try it again.

Remember, the police know his identity. Koichi can no longer operate as a vigilante. Especially with his battle against No. 6 potentially being broadcast all over the country. Liked by the locals or not, The Crawler is no longer too small a vigilante to overlook. It’s either become a legit hero or never use his quirk in public again!

Manga One Piece

Punch & Drunky [One Piece 1037]

Luffy VS The Most Powerful Drunk In The World. No, not Winston Churchill. The other guy.

Lots of talk about devil fruit awakening this arc. I’m talking about this chapter and learning both Law and Kid awakened theirs. Odds are pretty good Luffy awakens his own rubber powers to defeat Kaido. It’s pretty much the only fight card he’s yet to play. But enough about him; let’s talk about Zunisha.

It’s a bit confusing. The World Government (Yes, World Government. NOT Marine/Navy) ships are facing the floating Onigashima, but Zunisha is revealed to be behind the fleet. My guess is the Five Elders are talking about Zou, mistaking Kaido’s headquarters for the roaming island. Makes sense given Zunisha was probably alive during the Void Century and the Five Elders keep tabs on everything related to it.

If you think this is awesome, wait until Luffy fights Blackbeard on cocaine
Manga My Hero Academia

Where Are The Snacks? [My Hero Academia 340]

Toshinori, you cheap bastard! You couldn’t even spare a few bucks on string cheese?

Ah, yes. The ole divide-and-conquer plan. Basically, we’re getting a lot of smaller fights at different locations in the next big war. Gotta split up the baddies, especially All For One and Super Shiggy. So…who’s gonna fight AFO and Shigaraki, respectively? Team Deku VS Shiggy is a given, naturally. But, what about AFO, the OG supervillain? Well, I have a long-standing theory Shigaraki will break free of AFO’s influence and kill him, cementing himself as the undisputed Big Bag. I’m going with that.

Shinso-Man. Shinso-Man. Does whatever a Shinso can.
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Sixth Sense [My Hero Vigilantes 117]

The gang’s back together, sorta.

Last chapter “Knuckleduster” gave Koichi permission to fight. Now, “Pop Step” has given her blessing. Or, at least, their ghosts? Spirit forms? Look, I’m not sure what’s happening here. Maybe Koichi’s injuries are messing with his head. Maybe we’re witnessing the Near-Death-Pep-Talk Trope in full effect. Or maybe it’s a little of both. Safe to say all three main characters are close to death right now. Whether Koichi is really being visited by his near-death friends or not, I don’t think it’ll be fully explained anytime soon. Let’s just go with it.

What? I said Knuckleduster’s dead last chapter? Yeah, I did. Well, maybe he’s not. Give me a break, okay? Frankly, I don’t know anymore. He’s badly hurt. Pop’s badly hurt. Koichi’s badly hurt. What do yo want me to say? That all three characters will die at the end of the series?! …Oh… Oh, no… No, no, no. You can’t do this to me, MHV. You just can’t! Don’t make me love this series, then kill the main cast. That would be horrible!

Manga One Piece

Usopp Keeping It Real [One Piece 1036]

Onigashima’s destruction is imminent, as well as my continued annoyance with Raizo’s fight.

Is the only point to Raizo VS Fukurokuju’s fight is keeping Fuku away from Orochi? I bet it is. Say? Where’s Denjiro? He’s the only member of the Akazaya Nine that’s both healthy enough and unaccounted for to show up and take down Orochi. But not before Komurasaki reveals who she really is. Oh, the look on Orochi’s face when that happens will be glorious!

Usopp got an unexpected character moment. I love his speech to Kin’emon and Kiku. And all while protecting them! Usopp’s a coward, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid or weak. Yes, Oda considers him the weakest member of the Strawhats. But the weakest grizzly bear in a forest will still mess you up if you get him mad. Remember that on your next nature hike, kids.

This logic also applies to finishing an RPG

Big Mom. I still say Law and Kid need to defeat her to remain Luffy’s rivals. The question is how? Their awakened devil fruit abilities could evolve, I guess. That plus a little strategy could do the trick. Rolling a 20 on their LUCK stats won’t hurt either.

Manga My Hero Academia

Good Heavens, Miss Mei Hatsume, You’re Beautiful! [My Hero Academia 339]

The comedic calm before the storm.

Yep, that’s what the chapter was. A little lighthearted breather before things ramp up again. Maybe we’ll get one more. Whether or not we do, it’s nice seeing Hatsume again.

Ignoring the accidentally made killer A.I. robots, of course.