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Usopp Keeping It Real [One Piece 1036]

Onigashima’s destruction is imminent, as well as my continued annoyance with Raizo’s fight.

Is the only point to Raizo VS Fukurokuju’s fight is keeping Fuku away from Orochi? I bet it is. Say? Where’s Denjiro? He’s the only member of the Akazaya Nine that’s both healthy enough and unaccounted for to show up and take down Orochi. But not before Komurasaki reveals who she really is. Oh, the look on Orochi’s face when that happens will be glorious!

Usopp got an unexpected character moment. I love his speech to Kin’emon and Kiku. And all while protecting them! Usopp’s a coward, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid or weak. Yes, Oda considers him the weakest member of the Strawhats. But the weakest grizzly bear in a forest will still mess you up if you get him mad. Remember that on your next nature hike, kids.

This logic also applies to finishing an RPG

Big Mom. I still say Law and Kid need to defeat her to remain Luffy’s rivals. The question is how? Their awakened devil fruit abilities could evolve, I guess. That plus a little strategy could do the trick. Rolling a 20 on their LUCK stats won’t hurt either.

𝆕 I said certified freak
seven days a week
Wet-ass pirates
make that pillage game weak 𝆕

CP0 are tough. X Drake’s off-panel beat down is proof of that. I wonder if they’ll fight the Straw hats in the future? Maybe their allies will instead? Guess we’ll see.

So…what are the “incidents occurring all around the world?” that CP0 agent was talking about? Could the World Government’s hold on the world be broken? The Warlords fighting back is chaotic enough, but could the Revolutionary Army had made a move to capitalize on that? Maybe the Reverie ended badly, causing strife between countries? Whatever the case, TWO Emperors of the Sea losing at roughly the same time to the same alliance will send shock waves throughout the world.

Hmm…could Kaido and Big Mom lose their Emperor status? And if so, would Law and Kid replace them, joining Luffy on the Emperor plateau, both fighting wise and by official title? Hey! If they can beat Big Mom, those two deserve to become Emperors, period.

So, all Kid has to do is build a posh chair for Big Mom?

This was a good chapter! Usopp, Izo (his interaction with Usopp), and King and Zoro’s respect for their captains made this status report of a chapter better than it should’ve been. If Kaido isn’t Joy Boy, does that mean it’s Luffy? Nah! It’s probably Paul Rudd. He won’t stop until he’s in every popular franchise on the planet.

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