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The Sixth Sense [My Hero Vigilantes 117]

The gang’s back together, sorta.

Last chapter “Knuckleduster” gave Koichi permission to fight. Now, “Pop Step” has given her blessing. Or, at least, their ghosts? Spirit forms? Look, I’m not sure what’s happening here. Maybe Koichi’s injuries are messing with his head. Maybe we’re witnessing the Near-Death-Pep-Talk Trope in full effect. Or maybe it’s a little of both. Safe to say all three main characters are close to death right now. Whether Koichi is really being visited by his near-death friends or not, I don’t think it’ll be fully explained anytime soon. Let’s just go with it.

What? I said Knuckleduster’s dead last chapter? Yeah, I did. Well, maybe he’s not. Give me a break, okay? Frankly, I don’t know anymore. He’s badly hurt. Pop’s badly hurt. Koichi’s badly hurt. What do yo want me to say? That all three characters will die at the end of the series?! …Oh… Oh, no… No, no, no. You can’t do this to me, MHV. You just can’t! Don’t make me love this series, then kill the main cast. That would be horrible!

Gee, Pop. It’s almost like having an honest conversation with Koichi could’ve prevented this whole arc. #BlamePop #Crawler2dumb2cheat #Vigilantedrama

I’m sure Pop will be okay. She’s still at the hospital. And, Soga’s looking after KD. As for Koichi… Well… Um… All Might will save him? Please don’t tell me Pop and KD will live but Koichi dies? I don’t want that either!

I find it interesting Knuckleduster, the former hero turned vigilante, is having a debate on whether to kill Number 6 with The Crawler, a vigilante who could become an official hero one day. It says a lot about both their characters. Mainly, how personal KD’s fight against the Villain Factory is and his willingness to do anything to stop them versus the good-natured Koichi just trying to do the right thing his own way. Sure, Number 6 wants Pop dead, but even that isn’t enough to justify his death by Koichi’s hands. Again, Koichi is a true hero.

Luckily for Koichi, Number 6 didn’t yell out his middle name—Francis.

This was an okay chapter! Despite how far-fetched it was, I loved seeing all three main characters interacting with each other in what could be their last time. Just goes to show how far they’ve gone from their humble beginnings. But things have changed forever. Even if our vigilante trio survives, those days are gone. Kinda sad, but at least we’re getting a sequel series. Be on the lookout for My Hero Vigilantes: In Space. Coming later this year!

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4 replies on “The Sixth Sense [My Hero Vigilantes 117]”

Man……. we ARE pretty close to the end of it. I notice that endings have moments like this that are meant to feel emotional, but “reach” to much with their logic- be it an injury they would have otherwise survived or they should have been dead earlier and they’re stubbornly clinging to that last thread.
This fight sounds WILD. He became PLASMA?! Oh man; even if he WINS there’s no way he’s coming back from this. I just hope Koichi doesn’t Talk No Jutsu him right at the end or gives him a sad look. I feel the Villain should come to the realization on their own. Though that’s just something I’d want to see; I don’t EXPECT to.
Seeing Pop’s Design for the first time in a while was super cool, and I think her blushing with Koichi was adorable. Though I don’t think that Koichi’s fully sorted out his feelings yet………
This series looks like it’s going to end on a good note- and the Main series on a “Sour” one. Can you imagine the Main series ends before the Prequel? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

With all three members of the main cast injured (and/or dead, no confirmations yet), I expect a time skip soon after the fight’s done. Lol, I’m so glad you brought up the Talk no Jutsu. I was annoyed when it’s was hinted at for Shiggy but thankfully, there’s NO indication that’s happening here. I don’t see No. 6 making it out of this series alive. He’s not in the main series and he knows way to much for AFO to allow to be captured. For Koichi’s there’s options to why he’s not around, but No. 6…nah. Either you’re working for AFO or you’re dead.

At this point I’m not completely sure which series will end first, ha! But, most of the stuff left to do in Vigs has to happen after the final fight (Koichi x Pop drama, Is KD dead?, Koichi fighting on live TV). All that’s left for the fight is maybe more internal monologue form Koichi, heroes showing up, and No. 6’s ultimate fate. I’m leaning on All Might showing up, but it’d be fun if Mirko showed up just as a nod to the Underground Masqurade arc.

I feel like Vigilantes is going to have a better ending than the main series. Probably a time skip to see what Koichi and the rest of the cast are up to in present day, but we probably won’t have Izuku meet Koichi in any significant way(as cool as that would have been).
No WAY would Mirko sit this one out- it’s a little surprising she’s not here already.

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