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Punch & Drunky [One Piece 1037]

Luffy VS The Most Powerful Drunk In The World. No, not Winston Churchill. The other guy.

Lots of talk about devil fruit awakening this arc. I’m talking about this chapter and learning both Law and Kid awakened theirs. Odds are pretty good Luffy awakens his own rubber powers to defeat Kaido. It’s pretty much the only fight card he’s yet to play. But enough about him; let’s talk about Zunisha.

It’s a bit confusing. The World Government (Yes, World Government. NOT Marine/Navy) ships are facing the floating Onigashima, but Zunisha is revealed to be behind the fleet. My guess is the Five Elders are talking about Zou, mistaking Kaido’s headquarters for the roaming island. Makes sense given Zunisha was probably alive during the Void Century and the Five Elders keep tabs on everything related to it.

If you think this is awesome, wait until Luffy fights Blackbeard on cocaine
Maybe next time don’t name a devil fruit Dumbo-Dumbo. Disney has eyes everywhere.

But what’s with all the fruit and awakening talk if they’re just talking about Zou? Well…we know inanimate objects can “eat” devil fruits. What if Zou ate a devil fruit? So far, only zoan fruits get eaten by inanimate objects, so that part matches up. But what about Funkfreed, you say? Easy. We know zoan fruits can have multiple models. Spandam’s sword can be one, while Zunisha’s another, probably an ancient elephant model. One thing is for sure, Zunisha reaching Wano is gonna be extremely significant to the story moving forward given the old relationship between the Kozuki’s and Minks.

Just your standard Star Wars internet argument

This was an okay chapter! The Luffy and Kaido fight was fun enough, but the last two pages with the Five Elders made it memorable. I may not love the Wano Arc but I can’t deny this arc’s impact on the One Piece world is monumental. We’re getting closer and closer to learning about the Void Century, Y’all! I just hope it’s worth the wait and not merely the revelation everyone got blackout drunk for one-hundred years. That’s right, kids. All this time, Raftel was simply a forgotten college island. Oda, you truly are a genius.

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