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Where Are The Snacks? [My Hero Academia 340]

Toshinori, you cheap bastard! You couldn’t even spare a few bucks on string cheese?

Ah, yes. The ole divide-and-conquer plan. Basically, we’re getting a lot of smaller fights at different locations in the next big war. Gotta split up the baddies, especially All For One and Super Shiggy. So…who’s gonna fight AFO and Shigaraki, respectively? Team Deku VS Shiggy is a given, naturally. But, what about AFO, the OG supervillain? Well, I have a long-standing theory Shigaraki will break free of AFO’s influence and kill him, cementing himself as the undisputed Big Bag. I’m going with that.

Shinso-Man. Shinso-Man. Does whatever a Shinso can.
Good thing Aizawa’s a licensed therapist. Aoyama has some serious psychological issues to work out. …He isn’t? Whoopsie!

Endeavor and Todoroki will fight Dabi. Team Uravity fights Toga. And…I don’t know…Mineta fights Spinner? Who cares? I just hope AFO gives the poor guy a decent extra quirk.

And then there’s Ragdoll. Is she a computer expert? Will she “fight” Skeptic? I was hoping La Brava gets recruited for that. What about Gigantomachia? No way that big lug’s spending the rest of the series locked up. In fact, I’d be nice if AFO breaks him, Mr. Compress, Re-Destro, and Trumpet out of prison or wherever they’re held up. In fact, I’m calling it now that they will take part in the final arc. I mean, come on! Re-Destro was off-screened at Gunga Villa. They have to be saving his third and last big brawl for the final arc.

Oh, and Aoyama fears All For One. That happened too.

Those “certain factors” being whether they follow Hawks on Instagram

This was an okay chapter! I’m glad they’re focusing on Aoyama even though there’s not much to say about it. He’s scared, but willing to help. Okay. Got it. And Shinso. His training seems to be coming along nicely too. I wonder if he’s a key factor in either Plan A or Plan B? His quirk can one shot just about anyone. Hm? I wonder if it works on mute or hearing-impaired individuals if they respond using sign language? Forget who’s Deku’s father, this is the most important unanswered question in My Hero Academia.

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