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Hope You Got A Passport [My Hero Vigilantes 118]

Who says you can’t be a hero?

With Number 6 currently made up of plasma, Koichi can go all out without fear of killing him. This battle just got a lot more fun for our favorite vigilante who’s all smiles during the most dangerous fight of his life. But, is it the end of the road for Koichi? Both literally and for his vigilantism?

Look, as much as I want Koichi becoming an official hero, if he doesn’t want to do it, it’s not happening. But, finally, FINALLY, that spark. That wondrous desire to be a hero has revealed itself. It’s been there for a while now, but it’s Koichi’s acknowledgement of wanting to continue being a warrior of justice that was needed. Now, the option of The Crawler getting a hero license is on the table. It can happen. In fact, if Koichi wants to continue fighting the good fight, he has to get a license.

Cut! Koichi, you forgot to yell out your attack name. Let’s try it again.

Remember, the police know his identity. Koichi can no longer operate as a vigilante. Especially with his battle against No. 6 potentially being broadcast all over the country. Liked by the locals or not, The Crawler is no longer too small a vigilante to overlook. It’s either become a legit hero or never use his quirk in public again!

Two seconds before Koichi realizes he’s not wearing a parachute

There’s one tiny problem with all this (besides No. 6 trying to kill him): All For One. The Winona Ryder of the My Hero Universe sees Koichi’s quirk for what it truly is. A quirk worthy of being part of his collection. So…how will Koichi continue his fight against lawbreaking d-bags, while protecting his quirk from one of the most powerful people in the country? Simple. Leave Japan.

If Knuckleduster survives and learns Koichi’s fight was broadcast on TV, I think it’s safe to conclude he’ll assume AFO saw the footage too and now wants Slide and Glide. Not wanting Koichi’s quirk to get stolen like his Overclock, KD will probably suggest Koichi leaves Japan. But where will he go? Well, Makoto and Captain Celebrity live in America, so why not there? Koichi gets to keep his precious quirk and gets his hero license in the U.S. where he can immediately start working for the good captain as a sidekick. See? Everything gets resolved with Koichi moving to America.

Does All Might know they make his hoodies out of 85% flammable polyester?

This was a great chapter! Seeing Koichi have fun while whooping No. 6’s huge bright booty was a treat. But, what about the last page, you ask? Is The Crawler dead? Nah! He’s got his body covered with his power, remember? He’ll be fine. Sucks about his hoodie, though. It’s where he kept his KFC coupons. The chances of No. 6 making it out of this fight alive just went down to 0%.

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