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Point of No Return [My Hero Academia 341]

Time for Spinner to take the stage.

That’s right, Y’all. Spinner will lead the disenfranchised heteromorphs on a noble quest for equality. Too bad, even acting a force for “good” means Spinner’s a pawn for the bigger baddies. Shigaraki. Skeptic & the Liberation Army. All For One. To them he’ll simply a means to further their goals. Yep, our pal Spinner continues his trend of being in waaaay over his head.

Does Horikoshi have the talent to pull off the heteromorph inequality angle? To show the plight of those discriminated against and sometimes thought as less than human? Is he just gonna label all of them as bad guys or will we get a bit more subtlety? I hope so, but it’s not looking good. Where was Deku’s disdain for the people attacking the Fox Woman just because of her looks? The reactions from heteromorph heroes when said woman explained being unable to find a place to stay, again, because of her looks?

Spinner’s Def Comedy Jam begins
Toga remembering throwing out her hated My Little Pony toys

Other than in My Hero Vigilantes, it seems the problems of heteromorphs are mainly discussed by villains. Why hasn’t Horikoshi given us Tokoyami or Mina or anyone other hero’s perspective? Will he ever or is he just waiting until now, the final arc?. If either’s the case, it’s an awful choice. This type of social issue should be addressed in a more nuanced way, but it seems like we’re just gonna go the Rioters=Bad route and I don’t like it. I hope I’m wrong, but so far I’m not convinced it’s not gonna be anything other than that.

Dabi gave some of Twice’s blood to Toga because, of course, he did. But what’s the big play? Have Toga transform in Twice and create Sad Man’s Parade? There’s got to be more to that. Maybe create an army of Dabi’s? Guess we’ll have to see.

Shigaraki’s conquering the Quirk Doomsday Theory? But weren’t most of his quirks destroyed by Star & Stripe? Where did AFO get more quirks for him? Did he give Shigaraki a bunch of the stolen quirks swimming inside his own damaged body? That’s gonna make AFO much weaker than he is now if true. I’m really interested in seeing where this goes.

What happens when you drink spoiled milk

This was an okay chapter! The Toga stuff was nice. I said nothing about it because it was mostly her reclaiming her resolve. Like with the heroes for the last few chapters, we’re building up to the final hero/villain’s confrontation. Wish I can say I’m excited but you probably know I feel this arc came too fast. Just give me ten chapters of Class A playing Pictionary and we’ll call it even, Horikoshi.

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4 replies on “Point of No Return [My Hero Academia 341]”

Himiko is one of the best characters in Anime/ Manga- this chapter has convinced me of that. Uraraka’s words during the War shook her in such a way that she felt that had to see if the “other road” was still an option. It WASN’T, so she’s gotta do exactly what Uraraka said: “Face The Consequences of her actions.”
I didn’t even catch the line about the Quirk Doomsday Theory- I completely forgot that that was a problem they needed to deal with. I though that Star’s final “F*ck You” to All For One and All For Destruction made it impossible to REACH “Singularity,” let alone “Conquer” it. Maybe the Hyper Regeneration can……….. nah; that’s just plain stupid! You might have something With All For One giving over some of his counterfeits.
The Heteromorph’s storyline definitely feels like it was made SPECIFICALLY for Spinner to have a role in the League- I don’t think Horikoshi thought that part out as well as he could have. He could have used it as a way to characterize Tokoyami- maybe the reason he’s such an “Edge Lord” is because he was bullied for his bird head, but then his quirk manifested and……..maybe he just went with it?
Then you have someone while Ojiro with his tail, and I kind of wonder how his life turned out. He doesn’t LOOK any different- it’s just that tail. And I don’t think that Sludge Villain actually cares that much about it.
I wonder who’ll make the “First Move……?”

Oh, I’m late.
I love Toga, but I’m not as much a fan. I don’t love her getting more depth as a character. We still haven’t seen her full backstory (the one with the boy who looks like Deku), so that and her becoming Twice should be fun. Not to mention her fight. I assume Uraraka will be part of it. Curious to see who else battles her.

I’ll keep saying it, AFO will get killed by Shigaraki. It has to happen in my mind. Besides. How else can they stop him if Deku is fight Shiggy? Unless Captain Celebrity and The Crawler show up, he’s getting taken out. Well…there’s the quirk erasure bullets, but we’ll see if that comes into play from either side.

I agree, the Heteromorph sub-plot is a long time coming. Which is why I’m worried. Hori had plenty of time to explore it from the heroes’ perspective but hasn’t. Waiting until the final arc leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Who makes the first move? Probably the heroes since they can’t wait.

I think Froppy is going to be helping Uraraka; she kind of seems like the type that has that “emotional maturity” to handle such a situation. Although I could also see her helping to deal with Spinner because she has a Heteromorph Reptilian friend from Middle School. She may be able to provide the perspective you were looking for(though I don’t think it’ll be as fleshed out as you or I would have liked).
That’ll most likely happen, but what will Tomura do AFTER he does that? In my mind; that would lead into the REST of the “Final Act,” in which Tomura- having been betrayed by the one person he trusted the most in the world- doubles down on his destructive tendencies and gets more “proactive” in his ambitions………. or something like that. BUT…….. Izuku’s gonna manage to reach “Tenko” and “Tomura Shigaraki” will die- in mind and most likely body.
I agree that the Heroes will likely make the first move, and it’ll use Aoyama and Izuku as the hook and bait respectively. But……. how will they have Aoyama get in touch with All For One? Like his parents said: Contact has always been 1 way. And All For One doesn’t have the resources at the moment to even do THAT. So…..?

I’m hoping Shigaraki is the final bad and NOT AFO, but I guess it can go either way. The whole Talk no Jutsu setup really put my theories out of wack. But, I don’t see Shigaraki having a happily ever after. That would be annoying if it does. Good or not, he needs to die. I will say, it looks like Hori is going full hog on the AFO vestige/Shiggy merge with Shiggy being the one whose affected by Deku.

The heroes need to make AFO *want* to contact Aoyama. Something like make him think Deku’s still on the self-destruction path and it recovering at U.A. Basically, stroke his ego into thinking his plans are going forward without a hitch.

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