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Second War Prelude & Predictions [My Hero Academia 342]

The second war begins. Beware of flashbacks.

LOTS of flashbacks. It’s gonna be one of those arcs, Y’All. We’re gotta learn what exactly the heroes’ plan is, as well as the villains’. Spinner’s speech, Toga and Dabi’s full backstory, how Shirakumo’s mind got restored, Ragdoll’s true role being in the thick of it, the possible recruitment of Rappa, Gentle, and La Brava, the heroes asking Stain for help, and much, much more.

And since I did such an awful job predicting the first war, why not give it another try, right?

Oh! Guess I should talk about this chapter first, huh? Okay… The heroes are getting ready for war. And the day is finally here. Like I said, the real juicy stuff will be told through flashbacks. Now with that over, on with the predictions!

Today’s the day AFO binges all of Downton Abbey

1.) Flashbacks up the wazoo! Just thought I’d make this one official.

2.) Recruitment Party. The heroes need allies. That’s where Rappa, Gentle, La Brava, Stain come in. I doubt the good guys want Stain on their team, but now’s not the time to be picky. They need all hands on deck in a major way.

Shoji giving Giant Fox Woman his number via handshake. Smooth, bro.

3.) Foreign Heroes. Not all of them. Just the ones willing to put their jobs on the line to help Japan. Of course, I’m including Captain Celebrity and The Crawler (from My Hero Vigilantes) among the international crew. Hey? Why not? If my theory about Koichi Haimawari leaving Japan to escape getting his quirk stolen by All For One pans out, I can see him becoming Captain Celebrity’s sidekick to continue helping people.

4.) Shirakumo returns. Somehow, someway, Central Hospital with restore Shirakumo’s memories and he’ll join the fight along with Aizawa and Present Mic. If only Midnight was alive to see it. *sniff*

5.) The Return of Mirko and Mirio. No way are they taking a backseat. They may have a special mission or they’re being kept off the radar as much as possible to keep the villains off-guard. Either way, those two are coming back.

6.) Ragdoll’s true role. There has to be more to her being part of the planning process. I’m keeping a hopeful eye on her.

7.) Class A VS Gigantomachia. You think AFO will let one of his most powerful lackeys sit this war out? Nope! He’s coming back and there’s no group better than Class A to take him down. Well, them or the foreign heroes. Look! I’m hedging my bets here. I’d like to get more than one prediction right this time.

8.) Hagakure. Yeah, I know. I’m still holding on to Invisible Girl being a Number agent working for AFO. It’s a grand concept that should be used fully in the main series. I won’t give up hope until the end.

Where’s Waldo/Wally continues to elude even Class A’s efforts

And there you have it. Chances are I’m totally wrong, but that’s okay. It means I’ll be surprised and, good or bad, I don’t want My Hero Academia to end on a totally predictable note. That being said, if Deku sings to Shigaraki to get him to turn good, you heard it here first!

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3 replies on “Second War Prelude & Predictions [My Hero Academia 342]”

To address your points in the order you made them:
1)YEAH- a good 2/3 of this finale is about to Flashbacks. And not just important character flashbacks; get ready for off screen character moments and flashbacks to how the whole series built up to this moment- on a Valley of The End/End of Naruto Part 1 type of Double Page Spread.
2)Gentle and La Brava- Yes. Stain- Kind of HAVE to. Rappa? POSSIBLY. With the promise of a “Good Fight;” I can see it. I’m just sad that it won’t be against Muscular. Could you IMAGINE how crazy those 2 would be to finally get the fights they wanted?
3)Foreign Heroes- yes. Koichi? I HOPE SO!! I don’t know when Vigilantes will end in relation to the main series, and like you said a LONG time ago in one our conversations; he probably won’t show up until “Vigilantes” ends. I guess it all depends on that.
4)YES. That was my immediate thought with the last chapter(heck; I thought so when Aizawa’s plan got muted).
5)YES. And give Sun Eater a cool moment!!!
6)I don’t even know what that would be? Did they find some way to FORCIBLY take a quirk from All For One so she can get “Search” back or something? Or is she just their to tell them “Search’s” weakness? Probably that, honestly.
7)Where the HECK are they hiding that Behemoth? And how the HECK are they holding him in there? He should be wide awake and thrashing about right now!! Then again; he didn’t move until Tomura told him to in the First War. So I guess he’s just sitting there lifeless. But still; WHERE IS HE? And how did All For One retrieve him with no one noticing? You’d think the Heroes would notice when a 60 Megaton worth of Villain goes missing!!! I know their numbers are THIN but DANG!!!
8)I’m one to hold out hope for a theory until the very end(I’m still hoping that that the One For All Quirk holds a copy of the All For One quirk, allowing Izuku to steal Tomura’s quirks to end this). But I GOTTA be honest: I don’t think that reveal would be executed well. I’m still upset about the Traitor ordeal. So something as big as THAT would be more for fans of “Vigilantes” than the actual story. I don’t think that it will happen, but if you’re right, then props to ya!

This arc will be as big as Horikoshi wants it to be. That said, he’s been rushing the series for awhile now. I’m afraid MHA will have an overall lackluster ending. I’m keeping my hype to a minimum.

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