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Clash of The Titans [My Hero Vigilantes 119]

The Crawler’s gone. But Koichi Haimawari lives on.

Kochi’s All Might hoodie, essentially his vigilante costume, getting destroyed, is symbolic of where he currently is as a person. He’s no longer reliant on it be a hero. Koichi IS a hero. He’s taking on Number 6, not because he has to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

The Crawler + Knuckleduster = Koichi. His heroic nature has always been there, but it’s now refined, encompassing KD’s offensive style and resolve along with Koichi defensive attitude. This is Koichi at his strongest, mentally and physically.

Koichi’s never getting rid of his PS2

It’s no wonder “AFO” wants Koichi’s quirk. But, we’ve yet to see him, a Nomu, or Shigaraki use Slide And Glide. Hm? Maybe Koichi really is moving to America after the fight, like I theorized.

Number 6 will die. “AFO” basically confirmed it. And with Koichi battered and bruised, it’s no longer a question of who wins, but who runs out of stamina first?

Treating his employee like garbage. If not a supervillain, All For One would’ve made one heck of an Amazon CEO.

This was a great chapter! It’s hard to put into words how much I love Koichi’s progression as this kind young man with a weak quirk to an equally kind powerhouse unafraid to fight bad guys. And he did it all through hard work and perseverance. No steroids. Unlike a certain captain of America. If this manga doesn’t end with Koichi joining The Avengers, we riot!

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