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The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall [One Piece 1040]

It’s official. Big Mom lost!

Emperor of the Sea, Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom, is down for the count. It was a hard fight, but Law & Kid pulled it off. Does that mean the two are now Emperors of the Sea? Well, if beating an Emperor doesn’t do it, nothing will. Of course, there’s the question if they even want the title. In any case, if Luffy’s considered an Emperor, they are too.

Raizo won his fight? Okay, I guess?

Silent, but deadly
Life or Slavery? Looks like Big Mom wants to make Whole Cake Island great again.

Zunesha. She was Joyboy’s companion, and both committed a crime 800 years ago. Interesting. Joyboy has to be a D., right? I’m pretty sure he was, not that it’s a new theory. I’m probably the last person who thought of it. Oooooh! The lore! More beautiful One Piece lore is coming, Y’all!

Still, why is Zunesha at Wano? Is she finally willing to tell her side of the story? Drop an exclusive interview with Momonosuke for a little cash? Look, the elephant’s been walking aimlessly for hundreds of years. An all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas will do her some good.

The world still hasn’t forgiven Joyboy for creating NFTs

This was a wonderful chapter! I loved Big Mom’s ultimate defeat. The classic combination of perseverance and luck that helps Luffy save the day time and again. I hope Franky saves Zoro, or he’s gonna fall head first into Big Mom’s hole. …Yeah, I’m gonna end it here.

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2 replies on “The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall [One Piece 1040]”

Luffy’s bounty’ll probably double; Law and Kid pass a billion; Zoro and Sanji 500 mil or higher; and Killer and Robin reach 300 mil. Yamato will also get a bounty- and a pretty darn High One.
I heard this idea that Zunesha was a member of Joyboy’s Pirate crew, and the crime she committed was KILLING the Captain- Joyboy. Which would of course go back to everything with Blackbeard and the Whitebeard Pirates. And walking around that sea is a “Self Imposed Punishment” on Zunesha’s part.
There’s also the idea that Zunesha’s punishment was dealt out by the World Government when they captured Joyboy and his potential crew.
It’s safe to say that Onigashima is going to plop right down in the hole Law created. Big Mom ain’t dead yet, but……..she’s HEAVILY injured at this point- she HAS to be. So an entire ISLAND falling on her? Come on; she’s got be the closest to death that she has EVER been!!
Though this in assumption that Zunesha doesn’t catch it before it falls. You know; to stop the bombs from going off completely. Yamato may have froze them, and Big Mom may have gotten rid of the Kazenbo, but as the very same Emperor just showed us- THEY CAN STILL BLOW.
Maybe Momo will have her grab em all and toss em? Like……..into the Marine ships that are making their way towards Wano? Or the Big Mom Pirates?…………. Actually; those clowns haven’t been important in a LONG time. Probably didn’t even bother trying to come up again……… if Zunesha didn’t squash on the way here.
D@MN NFTS!!!!!!!

Totally forgot about the bounties! That’s gonna be interesting to see post-Wano, especially if Yamato gets one.

Joyboy a pirate? Interesting. Hadn’t thought of that.

Momo is pulling Onigashima away, so maybe it’ll land on the sea.

With Big Mom gone, my biggest interests are now Luffy VS Kaido and Orochi’s fate. Both should prove fun.

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