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Best Jeanist’s Back, Alright! [My Hero Vigilantes 120]

Guess your coffee break’s over, huh heroes?

Finally! The heroes arrived! Well, Best Jeanist anyway. Ingenium, Edgeshot, and Eraser Head are either heading for BJ’s location or implementing a plan to take Number 6 down. Guess we’ll get a flashback explaining it next chapter.

Nice seeing Koichi’s friends and other citizens of Naruhata cheering their vigilante on. No, not vigilante, hero. Official or not, the Crawler is Naruhata’s very own hometown hero.

And, weirdly, telephone booths.
Say goodbye to Naruhata’s only Starbucks

With everything happening in the main series concerning heteromorph mistreatment, it’s nice seeing several helping and supporting the neighborhood without backlash. Naruhata is a small town but they aren’t rednecks.

Okay, so, “AFO” is there doing his evil commentary thang and in pops “Knuckleduster”? There’s got to be some All For One quirk shenanigans going on. AFO has to be a vestige observing the fight because Number 6 is using a copy of his quirk. There’s no other explanation I can think of. Unless AFO has a ghost detection quirk, but that means KD is really dead. Yikes! Ah, no! Instead, I think this Knuckleduster is the quirk manifestation of the stolen Overclock. Yeah, yeah. See? KD’s not dead? Right…?!

Number 6 clapping Koichi’s cheeks

This was a good chapter! With the heroes’ arrival comes the imminent climax. And believe me, Number 6 is going out with a BANG! You can’t have 84 chapters of straight fighting and not have it end in an over-the-top way. Forget No. 6 blowing himself up; let’s have AFO send in Skeletor from the He-Man cartoon. A dual skull head threat of epic proportions awaits you next chapter. By the power of Grayskull!

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2 replies on “Best Jeanist’s Back, Alright! [My Hero Vigilantes 120]”

Wow….. This is a LONG fight. I mean that as a Compliment; I like the drawn out nature of the battle for all the same reasons I loved the Paranormal Liberation War Arc of the main series: THE TWIST AND TURNS! Every time the Heroes look to be gaining the upperhand- the Villains spring a surprise on them. From the pay off with Machia to the introduction of the Mid Ends to Mirio and Jeanist’s return to All For One’s resurgence(which wasn’t all that unforseen, honestly speaking)- it had me guess every week as to what would happen!! NOT GONNA MENTION WHAT CAME AFTER- gonna try to keep this one positive.
But yeah; I honestly kind of HOPE you’re right about him having a copy “All For One” quirk- one that only lets him use 6 instead of 9. Which could get into perfecting the copy AFO to implant in the man himself. but that’s neither here nor there.
I REALLY hope this whole series gets animated; it deserves it!!

I agree. The fight was just the stage for Koichi and 6’s character development, which has paid off beautifully. It’s long yes, but that’s mostly because it’s a biweekly series. I envy the folks who’ll get to read the entire series at their own pace once it ends.

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