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Looney D. Tunes [One Piece 1044]

I’m still processing all this…

Before starting, I just want to post a link to Greg’s YouTube video on Chapter 1044. For those who don’t know, Greg is one of the biggest One Piece fans, period. He lives in Japan, knows Eiichiro Oda and several of his editors! Follow this guy!

Alright. Let’s dive on in! It turns out Luffy’s Gum-Gum fruit is actually one of, if not, the strongest ZOAN fruit in the series: The Human-Human Fruit: Mythical Type, Model Nika. Did I mention I’m still processing this?

Here’s what I like: Gear Five.

I’ve no problem with its design or powers. Frankly, I like it better than Gear Four. I find the toon force aspect of the power up interesting and fun. All in all, I’m down for it.

Sorry, Luffy. But I’d rank your flat booty a Gear Two at most.

Everything else… I don’t know, yet.

The laughing. Is that all Luffy or Nika’s influence? A little of both? I’m here for Monkey D. Luffy, not Sun God Nika. Gonna assume it’s a bit of both and move on. I really don’t see Oda making Gear Five a 100% body possession. It’s all so…surprising. But, hey! It’s One Piece. I’m willing to go with it.

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こんにちは, All Might [My Hero Vigilantes 122]

You’re late!

Now there’s something I thought I’d never see in My Hero Vigilantes. All Might and Endeavor working together, kinda. All Might knocked the No. 6 copies in the air while Endeavor burned them up. Pretty cool, to say the least.

And that’s it.

Sure, “All For One” hyped No. 6 up on the last page, but come on! What the hell is he gonna do against All Might, Endeavor, and a crap ton of heroes ready to pound the living crap out of him? Seriously. What’s No. 6’s final play? You know me. I’ve predicted for ages No. 6 is gonna blow himself up in a last ditch effort to kill Koichi. That’s pretty much all he can do at this point, go out in a blaze of glory jealousy.

So amazing! I can’t believe Cuphead made a cameo in My Hero Vigilantes!
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It’s Not You, It’s Me [My Hero Academia 348]

You know what they say: The shorter the skirt, the sharper the knife.

The love gloves are off. Time to get serious. But, hey! I’ll give Toga huge respect points for confessing to Deku. That took guts…from someone wanting to take Deku’s guts. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can be hard for many, including myself. Toga, you’re insane, but you’re confident. If only she’d met the League of Podcasters instead of Villains, she could host her own self-help show.

So, what do we call them? Izuga? Todoriya? Demiko?
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Monkey D. Loser [One Piece 1043]

Or did he?

Yeah. He did.

The Oda Box said so. But, we clearly see a grinning Luffy at the end. And what’s happening to Luffy’s body? Devil fruit awakening? I assume so. Oda alluded to it far too much in this arc for it not to happen. Okay, fine. But what’s all this has to do with Joy Boy? Did Joy Boy possess the Gum-Gum fruit? I guess. If not, then there’s some reincarnation hijinks going on. I’m not sure I like that. I want Luffy to win his battles, not some dead dude inhabiting his body. For now, I’m going with Joy Boy being a rubber man. It’d also explain why the World Government valued the Gum-Gum fruit so much. If anyone wields it like Joy Boy, they’d be in serious trouble. Looks like their worst fear is coming true.

Rubber dreadlocks? Kaido’s so strong he knocked the perm outta Luffy.

But, that Oda Box, tho. Hmm… Well… I don’t know, darn it! I hope it’s a fake it out. “Luffy” lost, but “Captain Luffy” or “Monkey D. Luffy” wins? I’m at a loss for what’s going on here, Y’All.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Hero Naruhata Deserves [My Hero Vigilantes 121]

Haters gonna hate.

Jealousy. That’s what it comes down to. This entire battle is happening simply because Number Six is jealousy of our boy, Koichi. Witnessing firsthand Naruhata’s love of The Crawler sent No. 6 over the edge. Now, everyone’s a target! All of Naruhata’s doomed if No. 6 isn’t stopped.

So many minor characters making cameos! I can’t even place them all. There’s previously seen citizens, former instant villains, and others cheering our favorite vigilante on. Hey! It’s faux Rocksteady and Bebop! And, isn’t that little kid the same one helped by Koichi and Aizawa right before Eraser Head’s flashback? Well, it’s been a couple years, so maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is the town is giving Koichi their full support.

Forget Number Six. Koichi’s gonna die from Eraser Head yanking his injured body around like a rag doll.
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Giving Heroes The Finger [My Hero Academia 347]

Hands ≥ Quirk Singularity

Did anyone understand how hands prevent quirk singularity? I didn’t. Maybe it’s more about Shigaraki’s body being more adaptable? His body able to change itself to best suit any quirk he obtains? Sure, let’s go with that.

Team Best Jeanist is screwed without Deku, but they’re still quite the powerhouse. They’ll eventually lose, but it gonna be a treat seeing them trying to win. This group won’t go down easily. Well, except for maybe Suneater. What the heck is he gonna do against Shigaraki? Smack him with a lobster claw? Get outta here!

Use the spare equipped with a grenade launcher, Mirko!
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Three’s A Crowd [One Piece 1042]

Well, this is quite the predicament.

Luffy lost! For now, anyway. Only one option left: Gum-Gum awakening! There’s been way too much build up for it not happening here. And frankly, Kaido’s so powerful, it’s gonna take something new from Captain L to take him down. Not sure how our favorite rubber guy’s gonna access that power, but the next four to five chapters are gonna be interesting. Kaido’s defeat could end up being one of the best moments in all of One Piece. Yeah, I said it. Start readjusting your top 10 One Piece fights now, because this fight is gonna end with a galactic bang.

Your classic Older, Middle, and Youngest child dynamic
Manga My Hero Academia

I’m Not Locked In Here With You! You’re Locked In Here With Me! [My Hero Academia 346]

The heroes turned U.A. into a flying prison for Shigaraki.

That’s it. Mind you, it’s awesome. A feat that could only be made by the efforts of multiple heroes with the perfect quirks for the job along with other specialized heroes keeping it all functioning. A grand marvel of My Hero Universe technology. Just…not a lot to talk about.

I like Mirko’s short hairdo. Um…hey! Was that short-haired electric quirk girl the same one who’s friends with Nejire Chan? Very interesting. Let’s talk about for five minutes! …No? Okay.

Truly, a sight to behold. And yet they still haven’t got around to fixing U.A.’s second floor men’s bathroom.
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Select Your Stage [My Hero Academia 345]

How the heck is Team Endeavor gonna beat All For One?

AFO isn’t in his prime, but he’s not to be underestimated either. This is the fight I’m most looking forward to because I have no idea how the heroes are gonna win. Buuut, if I had to guess…Star & Stripe’s pilots will lend a hand. And, I’m still hoping an international hero or two shows up (i.e. Captain Celebrity and The Crawler) to assist. Basically, I’m betting everything on this fight being the best in the entire arc.

Ah, yes. The old keep-the-protagonist-and-antagonist-separate-until-the-final-battle trope. I’m fine with it because I want to see Toga’s story wrapped up. But, in a good way. We’ve got the drama between her, Ochaco, and Deku as well as Twice’s blood, making her a serious threat. All the ingredients for a good battle, but I’m still worried. I smell a drop of redemption in that conflict cupcake. Maybe not redemption, but a tragic figure. That’s not a bad thing, it just comes down to how everything plays out.

AFO forgot to use the bathroom before leaving home
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Diary Of A Mad Wano Woman [One Piece 1041]

They say “love is pain”. So is a ceiling falling on your head.

Komurasaki AKA Hiyori’s got Shogun Orochi right where she wants him: Under rubble in a burning building. Is there anyone left to save that snake? Is Kanjuro still alive? Who knows, I just want Orochi dead already. He’s done way too much harm to not get his butt kicked. Will he die? Not sure. Oda holds the death card close to his chest. There may be a cover story in Orochi’s future. If not, then see ya, Hydra-head!

Don’t be mad, Orochi. Game respects game.