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Select Your Stage [My Hero Academia 345]

How the heck is Team Endeavor gonna beat All For One?

AFO isn’t in his prime, but he’s not to be underestimated either. This is the fight I’m most looking forward to because I have no idea how the heroes are gonna win. Buuut, if I had to guess…Star & Stripe’s pilots will lend a hand. And, I’m still hoping an international hero or two shows up (i.e. Captain Celebrity and The Crawler) to assist. Basically, I’m betting everything on this fight being the best in the entire arc.

Ah, yes. The old keep-the-protagonist-and-antagonist-separate-until-the-final-battle trope. I’m fine with it because I want to see Toga’s story wrapped up. But, in a good way. We’ve got the drama between her, Ochaco, and Deku as well as Twice’s blood, making her a serious threat. All the ingredients for a good battle, but I’m still worried. I smell a drop of redemption in that conflict cupcake. Maybe not redemption, but a tragic figure. That’s not a bad thing, it just comes down to how everything plays out.

AFO forgot to use the bathroom before leaving home
A typical Twitch meetup event

Let me put it this way, I think Toga’s arc will wrap up with your standard Talk no Jutsu and lots and lots of crying. Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not exactly confident in Horikoshi’s ability to nail the landing. Let’s hope I’m wrong with Hori giving me a narrative middle finger for ever doubting him.

U.A.’s flying, Y’All! The final battle taking place there is kinda poetic. I wonder how that’s gonna stop or impede Shigaraki’s Decay quirk? I’m more interested in U.A. itself than the upcoming Shiggy/Deku match. Although, Horikoshi does get a gold star for having Bakugo and Best Jeanist fight him first. Here’s a trivia question: Who’s the only hero to have fought Number 6 (My Hero Vigilantes), AFO, Gigantomachia, AND Super Shigaraki? Best Jeanist! Someone give that guy a raise!

Introducing the fallen hero Crust’s brother, Crumb

This was a good chapter! It setup the future major fights nicely. I’m cautious, but excited. Dabi VS Shoto is a long time coming. I’m still banking on Dabi receiving an ice quirk from AFO. If for the only reason is AFO doesn’t have to make his own iced tea. He’s way too posh to do that kind of manual labor himself.

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2 replies on “Select Your Stage [My Hero Academia 345]”

Himiko chan’s story has been realy good thus far. I think that she may see some of herself in Uraraka, and that’s why she’s so desperate to be friends with her- she finally has someone she can relate to in terms of “Hiding Their True Feelings.” And I feel like it’ll force Uraraka to tell Deku her true feelings. Maybe that’s why Horikoshi had Toga’s crush look like Izuku; more of his parallelism in action?
Monoma taking on such a prominent role so late in the game is…….interesting. The more I think about; the more I end up wishing that the series was longer. I feel like we could have gotten more time with him so I could…… actual LIKE him. But I said I wouldn’t dwell on the “could haves” anymore.
How is Izuku gonna get to…….. what exactly to we call it/them right now? “Tomura,” “All For One,” or “Tenko?” Where even ARE Izuku and the others right now? And I wonder if there was anymore thought behind the locations of the others aside from the obvious Main Monster.
This should interesting to watch unfold. I wonder what fight we’ll focus on first……..

I’m looking forward to Toga’s story, but I hope the payoff is worth it. We still don’t know what exactly happened to make her “crack” other than it probably involved faux Deku. That’s what I’m looking forward to most.

Agreed about Monoma. Not gonna rant about the series ending so soon for the 89th time.

I’m also interested in what preparations the heroes made in advance besides having additional heroes waiting in those spots. I assume a battlefield away from civilians and the other villain groups were top priority. Robots? Remember them, MHA? Would be nice if they were incorporated into the fight. And the international heroes. Hori has setup only the few willing to risk their careers would show up. I hope it happens. This is the last chance for Captain Celebrity and/or The Crawler to show up in the main series.

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