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I’m Not Locked In Here With You! You’re Locked In Here With Me! [My Hero Academia 346]

The heroes turned U.A. into a flying prison for Shigaraki.

That’s it. Mind you, it’s awesome. A feat that could only be made by the efforts of multiple heroes with the perfect quirks for the job along with other specialized heroes keeping it all functioning. A grand marvel of My Hero Universe technology. Just…not a lot to talk about.

I like Mirko’s short hairdo. Um…hey! Was that short-haired electric quirk girl the same one who’s friends with Nejire Chan? Very interesting. Let’s talk about for five minutes! …No? Okay.

Truly, a sight to behold. And yet they still haven’t got around to fixing U.A.’s second floor men’s bathroom.
Shigaraki never forgave Aizawa for spoiling The Batman

Did I mention I’m hoping Captain Celebrity and Koichi show up to help take down All For One? I did, huh? Well, it’s true.

Shigaraki seems to have full control over his actions. I guess he and the AFO vestige are pretty much in sync. Guess we’ll see what happens when Deku arrives and starts throwing 100% smash hands.

Speaking of 100%, what’s going on with Shiggy’s body? It’s gotta be something his body itself can do or else Monoma would’ve erased it. Let’s talk about it for 10 minutes! …No? Geez! You’re no fun!

Don’t cross the streams!

This was a good chapter! Albeit, there’s not much to talk in-depth about without going in full recap mode, but Horikoshi did well setting the literal stage for Shigaraki’s defeat. Deku’s dad! That’s something I can talk about for 30 minutes! Let’s start with how old he could— Wait! Don’t leave! Come back!

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2 replies on “I’m Not Locked In Here With You! You’re Locked In Here With Me! [My Hero Academia 346]”

My brother had this idea around the time Tomura got All For One’s quirk- that he would become a “Giant Monster Made Of Hands.” Looks like he’ll be getting his wish!
They’re PROBABLY more “in sync” now than they were before, but…….. ONE OF THEM had to tell the other not to interfere. The official didn’t really give me any indication which of them it was(Tomura, All For One, or Tenko), but the fan translations made it sound like Tomura(who uses “Me/ Ore) was talking to All For Stealing-The-Spotlight(who uses “Myself/ Boku”). So I guess that last 2 percent is still crawling along. ……..
Nice use of the Electrical guys! And the Manga guy! This is a pretty good use of eceryone- giving Kaminari and other Extra’s a part in the final stand against the Villains. I’ll praise the use of characters!!
Clever way to overcome Monoma’s limits! I don’t care what………… “Tomura” said; Eraserhead is STILL Awesome!

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