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Three’s A Crowd [One Piece 1042]

Well, this is quite the predicament.

Luffy lost! For now, anyway. Only one option left: Gum-Gum awakening! There’s been way too much build up for it not happening here. And frankly, Kaido’s so powerful, it’s gonna take something new from Captain L to take him down. Not sure how our favorite rubber guy’s gonna access that power, but the next four to five chapters are gonna be interesting. Kaido’s defeat could end up being one of the best moments in all of One Piece. Yeah, I said it. Start readjusting your top 10 One Piece fights now, because this fight is gonna end with a galactic bang.

Your classic Older, Middle, and Youngest child dynamic
I’m starting to understand why Kaido’s single

I hate to be that CP0 agent. Kaido’s gonna tap dance on his face harder than a caffeine filled Gregory Hines at a bug stomping jamboree. Agent Guy needs that like a hole in the neck. Whoops! Sorry, X Drake. Look at the bright side; you’re now free to become a real pirate! And, with that, Luffy gains another powerful ally.

Kaido mistaking Luffy for a breath mint

This was a great chapter! The physical battle between Kaido and Luffy is awesome along with seeing their clashing ideals. I’m looking forward to the strength minded Kaido’s reaction to once again winning a major fight because of outside interference. It’s okay to cry, Kaido. Here, have a gallon of cookies & cream ice cream and let it all out! We don’t judge here.

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