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Giving Heroes The Finger [My Hero Academia 347]

Hands ≥ Quirk Singularity

Did anyone understand how hands prevent quirk singularity? I didn’t. Maybe it’s more about Shigaraki’s body being more adaptable? His body able to change itself to best suit any quirk he obtains? Sure, let’s go with that.

Team Best Jeanist is screwed without Deku, but they’re still quite the powerhouse. They’ll eventually lose, but it gonna be a treat seeing them trying to win. This group won’t go down easily. Well, except for maybe Suneater. What the heck is he gonna do against Shigaraki? Smack him with a lobster claw? Get outta here!

Use the spare equipped with a grenade launcher, Mirko!
Who’s dying? Place your bets now.

We have confirmation Deku’s Danger Sense doesn’t work on Toga because she loves him. Sure…whatever. Every quirk has a weakness. I guess crazy stalkers are Danger Sense’s Achilles’ heel. Geez!

Good on you,Toga, for confessing to Deku. He’s gonna reject the hell out of you, but good nonetheless. Still, I’m looking forward to how Toga will take Deku’s rejection. I’m no psychic, but I think it’s gonna go bad. Like real bad. Like use Twice’s blood to make clones of herself all trying to kill Deku bad. Love hurts, Y’All. Sometimes to find your true love, gotta fight off a sociopath or two. All part of life.

Remember to use protection, Deku. And by that I mean a suit of armor.

This was a decent chapter! It’s moving the plot forward. That’s pretty much it. Oh! Can’t forget about Moonfish. Welcome back, Moonie. Still cra-cra? Yeah, you still cra-cra. Ah! My arm!

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5 replies on “Giving Heroes The Finger [My Hero Academia 347]”

How exactly do they plan to resolve Himiko chan’s story? I can’t think of any scenario that ends………”Well” for her. I know that Horikoshi is going to have someone “save” her, but….. what does that actually entail for her? I don’t think that’s going to land as well as he thinks it will………..
I think that “gowth” is meant as more of an “accommodation” for his “Decay.” It’s at the point where it’s starting to break HIM along with everything else. And with that Hyper Regen quirk either damaged or GONE; his body needs a way to keep up with. I.e.- More Hands.
Maybe the more “flesh” he has, the less the body will Decay when he goes all out. It’s still affecting him, but he has more “flesh” to spare.
Edgeshot. Edgeshot dies first. Then Aizawa and or Manual. Student death? Not likely, but welcomed. That…….. sounded better in my head. I mean: He PROBABLY won’t have any of the kids die, but to see one of them get offed and everyone else having to come to terms with a KID DYING IN A WAR AGAINST VILLAINS? I’d like to see society’s reaction to that- in better detail. But we’ll probably never get that.

Interesting point about Toga. I guess she won’t die because Deku and/or Uravity will “save” her. But, she’ll still be crazy. Will she get help? Will anyone care? The world of MHA tends to throw their worst behind bars forever. Maybe Deku will put in a good word or her?

I like your hand theory. Shiggy’s increased power could end up being a double-edge sword…just like Deku for most of the series. Oh, the irony!

I agree. Edgeshot will most likely die out of that group. A shame we haven’t learned much about him. Aizawa dying? I don’t know about that one. BUT I can see a scenario where Deku has to fight Shigaraki without the Erasure quirk backing him up. That will be insane.

I’m done expecting any real reactions by students to teachers dying after Midnight got off-paneled. Yeah, they were sad, but I wanted to see more. No funeral? No…anything else? Come on!

From his flashback in “Vigilantes” to here- he’s always been saved because his quirk comes in handy at a “Critical Moment.” THIS IS THAT MOMENT. He says that his “Erasure” isn’t all that good with just 1 eye, but……… come one; we all know it’ll work “when it counts.”
And in that moment; Izuku or Bakugo- or SOMEONE important- will get off an important blow that’ll cripple Tomura going into his Fated Clash with Deku. It’s only after that that he’ll be able to die……. and leave CLass 1A without a teacher since they still have 2 years of High School after this. Because no school series ever wants to go PAST the school part. At best we end at graduation. I thought “My Hero” could defy that norm, but……….
In any case; I definitely think this is Eraser Head’s Final Battle. He may not be a “Heavy Hitter,” but his role in this is just a critical as anyone else’s(if not more so considering his quirk and who they’re up against).

I just don’t see the point of Aizawa dying now UNLESS it’s to give Deku a rage boost. Also, I don’t want Eri to lose him. But, I guess they could setup Mirio taking care of Eri? I don’t know….

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