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Monkey D. Loser [One Piece 1043]

Or did he?

Yeah. He did.

The Oda Box said so. But, we clearly see a grinning Luffy at the end. And what’s happening to Luffy’s body? Devil fruit awakening? I assume so. Oda alluded to it far too much in this arc for it not to happen. Okay, fine. But what’s all this has to do with Joy Boy? Did Joy Boy possess the Gum-Gum fruit? I guess. If not, then there’s some reincarnation hijinks going on. I’m not sure I like that. I want Luffy to win his battles, not some dead dude inhabiting his body. For now, I’m going with Joy Boy being a rubber man. It’d also explain why the World Government valued the Gum-Gum fruit so much. If anyone wields it like Joy Boy, they’d be in serious trouble. Looks like their worst fear is coming true.

Rubber dreadlocks? Kaido’s so strong he knocked the perm outta Luffy.

But, that Oda Box, tho. Hmm… Well… I don’t know, darn it! I hope it’s a fake it out. “Luffy” lost, but “Captain Luffy” or “Monkey D. Luffy” wins? I’m at a loss for what’s going on here, Y’All.

Nami read next chapter spoilers

Joy Boy. Im, king of the world. What’s the connection? Is Im hundreds of years old? Is he the descendant of the original world king? Someone defeated Joy Boy centuries ago. He or his descendant probably had a hand in it.

Is there a special meaning to CP0 agents touching their hats? Does it mean “good bye”? I guess. Just pointing it out.

Thank goodness Yamato’s there, repeatedly shoving reality up Momonosuke’s butt. He’s dead if Luffy doesn’t defeat Kaido. Better to go out fighting than not. It’s not an ego thing, it’s just that maybe, maybe there’s a chance they can defeat an injured Kaido.

Yamato and Momonosuke decide to boycott Disney

This was a good chapter! Surprising, to say the least, but I shouldn’t be. Luffy losing multiple times to the main arc villain’s nothing new. But the ramifications of how Luffy wins this time will move the story forward in (hopefully) exciting ways. Wano signifies the beginning of the end of One Piece. We’re approaching the endgame. Sure, the series can easily last another five or more years, but we’re approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope that tunnel isn’t actually an anus. That would stink.

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2 replies on “Monkey D. Loser [One Piece 1043]”

This would be Round 4, right? Has he ever had to take 4 tries at the Big Bad before he won? Crocodile took 3; he never beat Magellan; he had to take a break against Katakuri, and then the man had to cripple himself because of that b!tch who won’t be named; Eneru took 2; Lucci took……. 2, right? Man; TOUGH VILLAIN this time around. Appropriate since it’s a Yonko.
Yamata was ready to through hands with his old man again, and…….. she MAY have won. Kaido’s been fighting NON-STOP since chapter 987! The samurai were able to get some good ones in; the Worst Generation REALLY took to him; Luffy put him through his paces TWICE now; Yamato’s managed to worm his way in there, and Kaido trained them PERSONALLY(I would imagine). Between Momonosuke, Yamato, Kid and Law, the Vengeful Straw Hat’s, and the other Samurai who’ve “abandoned their names-” yeah; MAYBE. Still a Dragon Fish!!
I love how much Nami believes in Luffy; she can’t even lie about him to save her own skin- something that she KNOWS that Luffy would encourage her to do if it came down to it.
Joy Boy has returned. But I don’t think Im is worried about it. Which is even MORE concerning. I think that Im IS the same king from 800 years ago, who had the Ageless Surgery performed on him. And I think that he wants the Gum Gum fruit for himself- though I don’t know why.
Next chapter is going to be HYPE. I can’t wait!!

Oh! I forgot about the ageless surgery! That’s a great theory! My interest in Im just shot up 100%. Not sure if he wants Luffy’s fruit, but at the very least, I think he doesn’t want anyone else having it.

Yeah, I lost count with Kaido and Luffy rounds. Thanks for the breakdown. Reading it made me think just how powerful Kaido is. And he isn’t even the final villain! Blackbeard VS…. Who Knows + Evenually 1v1 Luffy is gonna be insane.

You mentioning Kaido’s fruit has got me aching for a Rocks Pirates flashback again. That’s gotta be happening at some point. When? Who knows.

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