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こんにちは, All Might [My Hero Vigilantes 122]

You’re late!

Now there’s something I thought I’d never see in My Hero Vigilantes. All Might and Endeavor working together, kinda. All Might knocked the No. 6 copies in the air while Endeavor burned them up. Pretty cool, to say the least.

And that’s it.

Sure, “All For One” hyped No. 6 up on the last page, but come on! What the hell is he gonna do against All Might, Endeavor, and a crap ton of heroes ready to pound the living crap out of him? Seriously. What’s No. 6’s final play? You know me. I’ve predicted for ages No. 6 is gonna blow himself up in a last ditch effort to kill Koichi. That’s pretty much all he can do at this point, go out in a blaze of glory jealousy.

So amazing! I can’t believe Cuphead made a cameo in My Hero Vigilantes!
Wow! First All Might, then Cuphead Now, Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones makes an appearance.

Or he could try killing Pop Step once more because he’s still a petty piece of garbage. Either way, the series needs to wrap up No. 6’s story as well as incorporate Koichi into it somehow because, well, in the end it’s all about them. Add all the guest stars you want, but this battle has always been about The Crawler and No. 6 and that is how it must end.

Maybe sooner than we think. Eraser Head spotted something and is in hot pursuit. Only thing I can figure is it’s No. 6’s body—erm—skull head. It’s been a long battle, Y’All. But, it’s almost over. And I have complete faith the ending will be worth it.

The greatest superhero duo since Batman & Morgan Freeman

This was a good chapter! Loved seeing All Might and Endeavor “team up” along with the other heroes pitching in to save people. It’s a pleasant reminder of how things were before the 1st war in My Hero Academia. When heroes still had hope and villains complained about All Might in dark alleys to sociopathic playa hater speedsters. Yes, a simpler time, indeed.

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3 replies on “こんにちは, All Might [My Hero Vigilantes 122]”

How much is even LEFT of No 6? Is he even capable of “thought” anymore? Or is he acting on the “base idea” of “Murder Koichi?” He’s lost his humanity and- unlike the would-be “King Of Villains-” he’s not getting it back.
I think in that aspect; I like “Vigilantes” slightly more than the main series. His backstory was sympathetic and made us feel for him- but he’s NOT gonna be “saved” in the end. But I doubt Koichi won’t feel bad for him. He’s a “Hero” type, after all.
Speaking of: Is this man gonna be okay? ‘Cause he’s looking like he’s in pretty bad shape right now. I have no doubt that he can keep going “if it’s for the sake of someone else,” but AFTER all of this- will he PHYSICALLY be alright?
I don’t think he’ll die(or at least I HOPE he doesn’t), but…….. like; I don’t think he can do what he’s been doing- at least not as long as he used to be able to. He doesn’t even have his cherished All Might Hoody anymore!!

I’m late!

No. 6, like so many others, is a victim of All For One. Seeing it from that perspective makes me feel for the guy. But, yeah, he’s still a SOB.

What’s left of his mind? Not sure. We haven’t been in his POV for several chapters. But I think that’s the point. I’m looking forward to going back in his POV to see what’s left of his mind and hear his (possible) final thoughts.

As for Koichi? Yeah, he’s running on pure adrenaline. He’s almost passed out a couple times already. Once No. 6 is done, he’s be out for days, if not longer. Yep, the ole time skip/Where are they now? ending is upon us.

I’m gonna miss that AM hoodie. It was the best looking one! But, there’s still the hoodie Pop Step kept after he saved her years ago in a flashback.

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