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Red Riding Hoodie [My Hero Vigilantes 124]

It’s Happening!

Time to grow up? Get a “real” job? Wrong, Koichi Haimawari! You’ve been hit by the hero bug. Helping people is in your blood, son. Don’t fight it. And thanks to Makoto and Captain Celebrity, you won’t have to.

Koichi’s becoming an official hero! Not only that, he’s becoming Captain Celebrity’s sidekick! Makoto and C.C. claiming Koichi worked for the good captain all along was a nice way to keep him from getting arrested by the police. Now that Makoto knows Koichi wants to continue helping people, she’s gonna make it a reality. Koichi can be a bit too easy-going. But, now he’s contractually obligated to (I assume) get a hero license and move to America to become C.C.’s Robin. Good for you, Koichi!

Pop upset over the rise of gas prices and bikini wax

Koichi can also further master his quirk under the tutelage of Captain Celebrity while avoiding any unexpected visits from All For One. Perfect, huh? Everything’s worked out.

Manga My Hero Academia

Chris P. Dabi [My Hero Academia 350]


All For One and Ujiko saved Toya. …Okay. I was hoping for something more interesting, but that’s what we get. Sure, it makes sense. The son of the No. 2 hero would make a fantastic vessel in case something happened to Tomura Shigaraki. I’ll give you points for that, AFO. Too bad for you, Dabi wasn’t having any of that.

Looks like the same orphanage Dabi woke up at, right? My guess is Overhaul was another failed experiment. Kinda hard molding someone into a quirk-filled vessel when they hate quirks. I wonder if anyone else lived at that orphanage? Bruno Mars, maybe?

Time for AFO to break out the Aloe vera quirk
Manga One Piece

Adult Swim [One Piece 1046]

How much longer?

Luffy’s Gear Five novelty’s wearing off. I’m ready for his fight against Kaido to end. We’ll if anything can stop Kaido, it’s lightning. But will Kaido awaken his devil fruit? Personally, I think he already has. His dragon form gotta be his fish zoan fruit’s awakened form. It makes too much sense. Maybe we’ll get a short flashback of Kaido first awakening his devil fruit during Luffy’s final attack. That seems like a very Oda thing to happen.

It’s distilled water, right? Sparkling? No thanks, I’d rather burn.
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Six Appeal [My Hero Vigilantes 123]

End of the road, Number Six.

It’s over. No, not the series…yet. The Naruhata Blackout Arc. Number 6 has been defeated. The town is saved. Well, what’s left of it.

All No. 6 wanted was to have a meaningful life. A life where he’ll be remembered. Unfortunately, All For One twisted his brain to where he tried achieving his goals in the worst way possible. Murder, kidnapping, mass destruction. Those aren’t the most noble ways to become a hero. But, again, what can you expect when you’re raised by AFO? That’s what I love about No. 6. Sure, he’s a bastard through and through, but that’s only possible due to the guidance of the King of The Bastards, AFO. As much as a threat No. 6 was, he never overshadowed the true shit head of the My Hero Universe. It’s gonna be so satisfying seeing AFO taken down in the main series. I already got the DJ booked for the victory party!

Dude, it was a G.I. Jane joke

No. 6 defying “AFO” in his last moment. Given how much of a pawn he is, that was surprising. No. 6 went out on his own terms and achieved what he set out to do, again in the most screwed up way possible. Scarring Koichi, the man he’s wanted dead more than anything else, became the only way he’d truly be remembered. Koichi won’t forget him. Maybe failing to save No. 6 helps lead Koichi down the pro hero path? It’s possible. I really hope so. I’d hate for someone as powerful as Koichi to retire from helping people.

Manga One Piece

Toonami [One Piece 1045]

Daffy Duck VS Dragonite

It’s one of those chapters.

You know the one. A fight chapter with little content to dive deep into. Luffy unlocked Gear Five, which comes complete with toon force and Gum-Gum awakening. He fights Kaido. The End.

Dad bod Kaido
Manga My Hero Academia

Wanna Know How I Got These Burns? [My Hero Academia 349]

Dabi: Origin is a go!

I’ve been wondering how the heck Dabi survived his flames turning blue for years. Looks like we’re getting the low-down next chapter. So, will Dabi burn himself out? It certainly seems like Endeavor’s first son isn’t holding back anymore. My guess: All For One gave him another quirk. Something to offset his enormous fire power. Maybe.

From the last page, it looks like he’s literally burning up. Could be a fake out, I guess. It just seems like a wasted opportunity if AFO didn’t give Dabi a support quirk for his power. Hell, both Toga and Spinner should’ve also gotten a secret hidden quirk from Daddy AFO. It’d certainly make all of their fights more interesting.

Those staples aren’t working, Dabi. Time to bust out the duct tape!