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Wanna Know How I Got These Burns? [My Hero Academia 349]

Dabi: Origin is a go!

I’ve been wondering how the heck Dabi survived his flames turning blue for years. Looks like we’re getting the low-down next chapter. So, will Dabi burn himself out? It certainly seems like Endeavor’s first son isn’t holding back anymore. My guess: All For One gave him another quirk. Something to offset his enormous fire power. Maybe.

From the last page, it looks like he’s literally burning up. Could be a fake out, I guess. It just seems like a wasted opportunity if AFO didn’t give Dabi a support quirk for his power. Hell, both Toga and Spinner should’ve also gotten a secret hidden quirk from Daddy AFO. It’d certainly make all of their fights more interesting.

Those staples aren’t working, Dabi. Time to bust out the duct tape!
And then they called each other the b-word for ten minutes.

Speaking of second, what’s the Second One For All User’s quirk? No clue. But if it’s debuting in Deku’s final fight, it better be a doozy! I’m guessing it’s extremely versatile, able to be both offensive and defensive. It’ll probably also gel well with Deku’s other quirks. The glue that pulls all the other support quirks together and turns Deku into Super Deku. It has to do that, or it’s worthless. Can you top One Piece’s Gear Five, Horikoshi? If the 2nd’s quirk is the ability to pull out giant mallets to whack baddies out of thin air, then sure. Toon Force is shonen’s new power-up trope. Goodbye, Super Saiyan-type transformations. Hello, cartoon bombs and pies in the face!

Where’s Spinner? What the hell is he doing? Is he attacking citizens? Freeing Gigantomachia? Getting his driver’s license? Whatever it is, it gotta be important for him not to be assembled with the League several chapters ago.

They knew they were gonna fight Dabi yet didn’t bring robots with fire suppression equipment? Really, Y’All?

This was a decent chapter! Classic Horikoshi moving pieces into place for the approaching main events. By the way, are we ever gonna see Ms. Joke again? Would be nice if she showed up in some capacity. I’ll just assume she’s at The Crawler’s birthday party. A shame Aizawa’s missing all the fun. They’re just about to play super twister. It’s like regular twister but with superpowers. Everyone signed the NDA? Good! Let’s begin!

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2 replies on “Wanna Know How I Got These Burns? [My Hero Academia 349]”

Was it just me, or did the final panel of the chapter seem a little “unfinished?” Look at the last 2 pages, and look at the bottom panel. The linework seem like he left something that was supposed to be erased. And the bottom of his chin- it looks like there’s flesh there………
Spinner’s juicing right now? Is he even AWARE of where he is at the moment? I honestly think he stayed behind and is fighting Fat Gum and Aoyama.
I also don’t know if we’ll see Machia at this point. I think his role in the story is done- especially if we haven’t even got a hint as to where or how he’s being held. Even with this pacing we should have at least seen him in a collage or something.

One Piece had some unfinished pages too. That happens sometimes when chapters have to get turned in earlier because of a holiday or something (I vaguely remember reading about that years ago).

Yeah, Spinner did seem jacked. I hoping he’s fighting a heteromorph hero. That’d be interesting to see them clash on a ideology level as well as physical.

I just wanna see Machia get beat down. But from how everyone’s scattered, it’d probably be a powerhouse who takes him down if he does escape. Wouldn’t mind Deku taking him out as a quick warm up to Shiggy.

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