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Toonami [One Piece 1045]

Daffy Duck VS Dragonite

It’s one of those chapters.

You know the one. A fight chapter with little content to dive deep into. Luffy unlocked Gear Five, which comes complete with toon force and Gum-Gum awakening. He fights Kaido. The End.

Dad bod Kaido
Gum-Gum Teabag!

I guess I could mention the fruit’s influence on Luffy’s personality. Remember how serious he was taking the fight before Gear Five? Now, not so much. Will that always be a thing, or is Luffy’s lack of Gear Five experience causing the fruit itself to metaphorically steer the ship? Not sure. But I think while there’ll always be humor in Luffy’s newest form, like with the One Piece story itself, Oda will figure out how to balance Nika’s jokey influence with the seriousness of whatever situation Luffy finds himself in. Oda’s not making it easy on himself. If this chapter’s any sign, it’s gonna be a fun, but tough line to walk.

This chapter cements Luffy’s devil fruit awakening does indeed affect both living and non-living things. Kaido should be dead, Y’All. His eyes should be destroyed, as well as his freaking face! But, it’s rubber, so nope. Luffy and his opponents being affected by his fruit is giving us some interesting visuals. I’m loving it. Still, I’m past ready for this fight to end.

And they say punk is dead

This was a good chapter! A visually fantastic clash between the best brawlers in the arc. No complaints other than wanting Wano to end because I’m ready for the aftermath. You know? I can’t wait for Oda to reveal Robin has a Human-Human fruit too. Model: Will Smith. You better keep Jinbe’s name out your f*cking mouth or else!

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2 replies on “Toonami [One Piece 1045]”

I can’t escape the Will Smith memes ANYWHERE!!!
Am I the only one who though that Luffy’s face after getting smacked by Kaido’s kanabo looked like the sun from “Soul Eater?” Was Oda making a reference or is it just a coincidence?
So in the last attack of the chapter; we saw his arm had Haki on it. So…… did he turn Kaido’s face rubber and then used Haki to bypass that? What was even the reason for doing that? It was pretty funny, but……. what was the point?
This form kind of feels like the 2 concepts for Gear 5th fans had: The Culmination of all his Gears + Devil Fruit Awakening. If his skin pigment is pink like when he uses Gear 2nd, then that pretty much confirms it.
This manga is insane and I LOVE it!!!

Good catch! I forgot all about the Soul Eater sun. I think it was just a coincidence but it’s possible I guess. Might be a subconscious thing where he saw it and his mind pulled from it for this chapter.

I’m not sure if Luffy’s causing damage. I guess he is, but it’s just Kaido is a tough nut to crack but almost anyone else would’ve been KO’d by now. Or, maybe Luffy can’t fully control his awakening and is punching through Kaido by accident. Yeah, this manga, including this fight is freakin’ insane!

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