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Six Appeal [My Hero Vigilantes 123]

End of the road, Number Six.

It’s over. No, not the series…yet. The Naruhata Blackout Arc. Number 6 has been defeated. The town is saved. Well, what’s left of it.

All No. 6 wanted was to have a meaningful life. A life where he’ll be remembered. Unfortunately, All For One twisted his brain to where he tried achieving his goals in the worst way possible. Murder, kidnapping, mass destruction. Those aren’t the most noble ways to become a hero. But, again, what can you expect when you’re raised by AFO? That’s what I love about No. 6. Sure, he’s a bastard through and through, but that’s only possible due to the guidance of the King of The Bastards, AFO. As much as a threat No. 6 was, he never overshadowed the true shit head of the My Hero Universe. It’s gonna be so satisfying seeing AFO taken down in the main series. I already got the DJ booked for the victory party!

Dude, it was a G.I. Jane joke

No. 6 defying “AFO” in his last moment. Given how much of a pawn he is, that was surprising. No. 6 went out on his own terms and achieved what he set out to do, again in the most screwed up way possible. Scarring Koichi, the man he’s wanted dead more than anything else, became the only way he’d truly be remembered. Koichi won’t forget him. Maybe failing to save No. 6 helps lead Koichi down the pro hero path? It’s possible. I really hope so. I’d hate for someone as powerful as Koichi to retire from helping people.

Babysitting gone wrong

And it’s not like he can continue being a vigilante. The Crawler, Pop Step and Knuckleduster are dead. Their vigilante lives are over. It’s time for them to move on. Pop’s got her music career. KD’s got a daughter to look after (and maybe mentor Soga). And The Crawler, Koichi Haimawari…well, I don’t know. I truly believe Koichi will pursue a hero career, but he’s never mentioned or seen in My Hero Academia. That’s a problem.

Or is it?

Koichi moving to America to train under Captain Celebrity solves everything. He gets to become a hero, avoids AFO, and gets a chance to eventually show up in the main series, along with other overseas heroes, to defeat AFO. Makes sense to me. Horikoshi couldn’t pass on an Avengers Endgame-ish moment like that, right? Right?!

People like AFO is why marijuana should be legal in Japan. Calm the hell down!

This was a great chapter! The fight’s over! And I’m glad it ended with just Koichi and No. 6. It had to. There are the main protagonist and antagonist. It was meant to happen. So…time skip? Yeah, it’s gonna happen. Place your bets now! I’m putting 10 crypto bucks on the next chapter taking place one year after this arc. 20 on Pop wearing pants. Yeah, it’s a long shot, but go big or go home!

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2 replies on “Six Appeal [My Hero Vigilantes 123]”

In my mind; next chapter would be the “Wrap Up-” all the characters celebrating, the fate of Koichi, and some character moments. And in the final chapter- probably chapter 125- will be the Time skip that shows us where everyone is.
I liked the fake out stuff with KD and Pop. All set to “go,” and YANKED RIGHT BACK DOWN. I hope Koichi gets the same treatment……….

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