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Adult Swim [One Piece 1046]

How much longer?

Luffy’s Gear Five novelty’s wearing off. I’m ready for his fight against Kaido to end. We’ll if anything can stop Kaido, it’s lightning. But will Kaido awaken his devil fruit? Personally, I think he already has. His dragon form gotta be his fish zoan fruit’s awakened form. It makes too much sense. Maybe we’ll get a short flashback of Kaido first awakening his devil fruit during Luffy’s final attack. That seems like a very Oda thing to happen.

It’s distilled water, right? Sparkling? No thanks, I’d rather burn.
If Kaido’s a Gyarados dragon, he’s screwed

Awakening is when a devil fruit user’s mind and body catches up to their fruit’s power. Very interesting. Basically, it’s an experience thing. I really like that explanation. So…will Chopper, Robin and Brook ever awaken their devil fruits? I think so. Luffy has the be the first Straw Hat to unlock it (since he’s the captain and all). After that, I can’t see why Oda wouldn’t do so with the other SHs. They may not be as insane as Luffy’s awakening, but it’d be fun seeing what how their powers evolve. Especially Chopper whose Human-Human fruit may have a hidden model. Don’t hit the snooze button on other Straw Hats awakening, Y’All!

Raizo saving the castle along with Jimbe. Nice.

Is Luffy Joyboy or Michael Jackson?

This was a good chapter! The fire’s out in the castle, meaning more focus is on Momonosuke saving Onigashima from crashing into Wano. That implies Kaido’s gonna get the final boot up the ass within the next couple chapters. And given Luffy’s powers, it’s gonna stretch far and wide. By the end of the arc, there’s gonna be two full moons above Wano.

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2 replies on “Adult Swim [One Piece 1046]”

Yeah; Kaido’s certainly awakened. Zoan’s gain accelerated healing abilities and have crazy levels of stamina and strength. All of that reads like Kaido alright! Put that ON TOP of his Yonko status, and it makes perfect sense that he’s lasted this long.
If it’s an “experience” thing as you and Kaido put it, then it makes sense that Luffy was the first of the Straw Hat’s to Awaken. He may not have had it as long as Robin and Brook, but I bet you he’s used it way more than either of them. All the fights throughout the story, not to mention all the actual training he did with Ace and Sabo prior to Ace leaving. I’m not saying Robin and Brook hadn’t been working their best with the abilities they had- but come on now.
Robin never had a REASON to train- Brook never THOUGHT to do so. Chopper made the Rumble Balls and all, but even his “experience” can’t compare to how much Luffy has managed to do with his fruit before even coming to the New World. He’s used his fruit more than the others is all I’m saying.
Pretty unique way to use Raizo, I have to say. Didn’t see that one coming after not seeing the full fight with Raizo and Fukurokuju. But yeah; this arc has been long enough. Something were more than likely cut elsewhere and it’s still the longest arc in the series.
Kaido can’t lose like any other antagonist- he’ll just come back and take over again when the Straw Hat’s leave. Luffy has to beat him in such a way that he won’t come back to Wano- that he and his crew leave for good. It can’t be the World Government that brings him in; he’ll just escape again like he did the other times. What can they do?

Oh! I didn’t think about the WG capturing Kaido again. Interesting. The Navy’s at Wano. They could very well capture him after he loses. Maybe King saves him, but otherwise he’s done.

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