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Chris P. Dabi [My Hero Academia 350]


All For One and Ujiko saved Toya. …Okay. I was hoping for something more interesting, but that’s what we get. Sure, it makes sense. The son of the No. 2 hero would make a fantastic vessel in case something happened to Tomura Shigaraki. I’ll give you points for that, AFO. Too bad for you, Dabi wasn’t having any of that.

Looks like the same orphanage Dabi woke up at, right? My guess is Overhaul was another failed experiment. Kinda hard molding someone into a quirk-filled vessel when they hate quirks. I wonder if anyone else lived at that orphanage? Bruno Mars, maybe?

Time for AFO to break out the Aloe vera quirk
Dabi’s got 3 years of Marvel movies to catch up on

What kind of security does the Todoroki household have? Toya just waltzed in and no one saw him? No one regularly checks the camera feed? Do they have cameras? Guess all you need is the security passcode, and the place is yours. BTW, the passcode is “Passcode”.

Let’s see… Dabi, AFO, Toga, Spinner, Shigaraki. Going in order of least important to most important, this is what I think the major fights order will be: Spinner, Toga, Dabi, AFO and Shigaraki. Maybe we’ll get a few surprises thrown in (Gigantomachia?), but that’s probably gonna be Horikoshi’s fight path.

Dabi hates Kanye West

This was an okay chapter! Was really hoping there was more to Dabi’s origin than AFO. Oh well. Dabi VS Shoto is a go, but strangely I’m not hyped about it. Spice it up, Horikoshi. Bring in Rei and the entire Todoroki family. Even Grandma Todoroki. Have her sling a few ice cubes in Dabi’s mouth. Just a subtle way of telling him to use a breath mint.

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2 replies on “Chris P. Dabi [My Hero Academia 350]”

You know I didn’t even notice Overhaul there. Not that it really matters at this point. Heck; why not? At this point; All For One probably had a hand Gentle and La Brava’s lives, too! I’m all for the Big Bad having a hand in a lot of the BIG Names of the series lives- it just makes sense for his presence to be all over the Villains stories, just like All Might’s influence permeates through all the Heroes, and the kids through Deku and Bakugo. But DANG, MAN!! He’s just been doing the d@mn thing without All Might noticing.
They keep going back to how Dabi’s been surviving this long. Which means Little Shoto is going to have a hard time going into this if he doesn’t figure it out soon. But his new move is probably going to be the EXACT COUNTER to that.
If Overhaul survived; I wonder who else is out there? Not that it matters at this point.

We saw Shoto’s breath on the last page, meaning he’s prepping an ice attack, but there has to be more to Dabi than just super fire. Or…I could be overthinking things.

I’m ready for AFO’s full backstory. I want everything. His life before his quirk, his “battles” against his brother, his first fight against All Might. Just throw it all out there, Horikoshi.

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