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Red Riding Hoodie [My Hero Vigilantes 124]

It’s Happening!

Time to grow up? Get a “real” job? Wrong, Koichi Haimawari! You’ve been hit by the hero bug. Helping people is in your blood, son. Don’t fight it. And thanks to Makoto and Captain Celebrity, you won’t have to.

Koichi’s becoming an official hero! Not only that, he’s becoming Captain Celebrity’s sidekick! Makoto and C.C. claiming Koichi worked for the good captain all along was a nice way to keep him from getting arrested by the police. Now that Makoto knows Koichi wants to continue helping people, she’s gonna make it a reality. Koichi can be a bit too easy-going. But, now he’s contractually obligated to (I assume) get a hero license and move to America to become C.C.’s Robin. Good for you, Koichi!

Pop upset over the rise of gas prices and bikini wax

Koichi can also further master his quirk under the tutelage of Captain Celebrity while avoiding any unexpected visits from All For One. Perfect, huh? Everything’s worked out.

Koichi’s now legally bound to appear on The Masked Singer

…Oh. …Pop Step. What about her and Koichi? Maybe Pop can persue her singing career in America? Or, at least go to college there? In any case, I doubt she’s in any condition to travel overseas anytime soon. I smell a time skip coming!

Remember Star And Stripe from the main series? U.S.A.’s number one hero who basically came out of nowhere? Gee? I wonder if any other superheroes from America can show up unannounced in My Hero Academia? I don’t know, maybe a couple of heroes with a strong connection to Japan who’re willing to put their careers on the line to stop AFO? Can it happen? Can Captain Celebrity and Koichi show up to help defeat AFO? Why not? I like Endeavor and all, but he’s no match for AFO. The guy needs serious back up. And who better than C.C. and Koichi to provide it? I’m putting all my hopes into this one, Y’all. It’s just too perfect not to happen. Please, Papa Horikoshi. Give us the Avengers Endgame we deserve!

Worse, they’re calling your mother!

This was a good chapter! It wrapped up the Naruhata Lockdown Arc while brilliantly setting up what Koichi’s doing from now on. Next chapter could be the final chapter of the series. I’m excited and scared. Will it be an extra long chapter? Will we get an anime announcement? Another spin-off? Will I stop asking questions? Can I stop? I don’t know? Help me?!

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2 replies on “Red Riding Hoodie [My Hero Vigilantes 124]”

If not next chapter, then certainly 126. It’s ending- SOON. Whether they appear or not in the main series; I don’t care anymore. And I feel like Horikoshi doesn’t, either. They may appear, but it may be like Mirio’s sudden appearance in the last war: Hype Moment. I wish Koichi would have been more important to Izuku’s story, but…….. what are you gonna do?
Yeah; she’s coming to America. Not right away, but when she’s finished healing. College? Yes. Career Pursuit? Yes. With a Hero license so she can help Koichi at a moments notice? YES. Appearing in the main series? Like I said: Maybe- Maybe not. Toss up right now.
This series has been fun. I initially didn’t have much of an interest in it; I was just gonna wait for the anime adaptation to see it. But it was your posts that actually made me want to read it- from all the way back during the Sky Egg(around the end of that arc). Thanks for turning me on to the series!!

You’re welcome!

I’ll admit, MHV wasn’t what I thought the series would be (Marvel’s Defenders) and worse, it was monthly. Thank goodness it went bi-weekly and I just accepted it for what it is.

Pop becoming a hero? I hope not. I like she’s following her own career path.

At most, I see Koichi, C.C. and O’Clock appearing in the main series. Koichi and C.C., along with other foreign heroes, to help against AFO. And O’Clock if Hori does a flashback how All Might found AFO leading to their first fight.

I just feel C.C. and Koichi are at the place where they’re powerful enough to help, while not too much they take over the fight. But, hey, I’d be satified with just a Vig anime.

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