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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble [My Hero Academia 353]

Coming Soon: More Fighting!

Dabi’s indeed down for the count, but not quite out. Something’s happening to his body. Did AFO give him an extra quirk while slapping his butt as a token of encouragement? That has to be a second quirk glowing in Dabi’s chest. I wonder what it’ll do? While I wasn’t that invested in Dabi and Shoto’s fight, I’m looking forward to what Horikoshi has planned for Dabi in the future. See you in round 2, Hothead.

More Tartarus escapees! Yes! That’s what I want, more powerful villains giving our heroes a run for their money. This Kunieda guy’s with his plant related quirk looks fun. Can’t wait to see that in action.

You think that’s weird? Wait until you see his nipple missile quirk.

The return of Gigantomachia? I certainly hope so. It’s the last arc; pull out all the stops, Hori-darling. Can’t wait to see Skycrawler showing up and taking him down. Just kidding! Kochi’s going to help Endeavor beat down All For One. Yeah, I’m gonna keep saying it. He’s coming, damn it! No one call tell me otherwise!

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That’s All Folks! [One Piece 1049]

This is what happens when you over hype a fight.

*SIGH!* You know I have problems with a chapter when the most positive thing I can say is I love the art. And I do. It’s great. Plus, the fight’s over. That’s freakin’ awesome!

Too bad it ended kinda anti-climatically. Oda did the classic flashback before the end maneuver. That’s fine and all, but it wasn’t worth the wait. We saw why Kaido became a pirate and more of his ideology. Basically, he hates those who rule the world and want to destroy those unfair powers that be through his survival-of-the-fittest policy. Gotcha. But…that’s it? I don’t know quite how to describe it, but that flashback simply left me wanting more. MUCH more.

Double KO. Or as the young-uns who play that Super Smash Brothers say, DBZ!
Manga My Hero Academia

Chill Out, Bruh! [My Hero Academia 352]

Why should I care about this fight again?

Toya VS Shoto. Uh-huh. They’re brothers, but that’s it. There’s no real personal investment from either. Dabi’s just attacking Shoto because he’s Endeavor’s favorite, while Shoto’s using Dabi as a stepping stone to master his new Ultimate Move.

And sorry, Shoto, but I’m over your daddy issues. I’m glad for you, but I don’t feel all too invested because you’ve been slowly reconnecting with your dad. Sure, you were feeling stuck seeing Izuku and Bakugo gain experience and power, but I don’t think the manga focused on your insecurities enough in the last fifty chapters to deserve this kind of payoff. I’m so apathetic about it all.

♪The cold never bothered him anyway.♪
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Skycrawler Saga [My Hero Vigilantes 125]

Koichi Haimawari is officially a hero!

As predicted, Koichi’s currently living in the U.S. as Captain Celebrity’s official sidekick, designated CCC-02: Skycrawler. WOO!!!!!! I’m so proud of you, Koichi! You made it, my boy! You did it!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

…Okay…okay. I’m calm… AFO’s been looking into Koichi’s background for a few months, so I’m guessing it’s been about that long since the Naruhata Lockdown Arc happened. Sounds about right.

Interesting how AFO’s direct decision to go all in on the Nomu project was because of Number 6’s fight against Koichi. Sure, the Nomu was something AFO was planning for years, but I think it was mostly a plan to defeat All Might or at least keep him at a distance. From what I gathered from AFO this chapter, he’s now going to use Nomu (the battle version) more as general soldiers rather than ONLY to defeat All Might. This would also explain Hood and the USJ Nomu we saw in the bio-tank. They were probably created to specifically combat All Might. Well, we know USJ Nomu was. It’s just confirmed Hood is part of the All Might Hater’s Club too. His desire to fight strong opponents supports the theory.

Manga One Piece

This Just In: Kaido And Orochi Are Evil [One Piece 1048]

Thank you Oda for reminding us. I’d forgotten.

So… Was this chapter necessary? If you like dramatic build up, yes. If you like this freakin’ fight to end already, NO! Okay, okay. Let’s check off the Oda-isms:

✓ Luffy VS Kaido is the only fight left

✓ Both are using their “final” attack

✓ Island residents are cheering them on

✓ We’re reminded the bad guys are meanies

Nice try, old timer. But we all know you’re just going through male menopause.
Manga One Piece

For Real This Time? [One Piece 1047]

End it already!

Wano’s been fun. I had a good time despite it not being one of my favorite One Piece arcs, but it’s time for this party to end. I’m turning on all the lights and playing Michael Bolton music until this you get the hint, Oda. End the damn fight, okay?!

Idris Elba taking matters into his own hands

All the signs are there it’s ending. We get major focus on the citizens of Wano, including the samurai. You’ve seen it before. The current island residents put all their faith into Luffy, building up hype before the arc villain goes down for the count. Momonosuke’s got screen time too. His purpose is saving everyone in Onigashima and the Flower Capital. The hype meter’s filling that moment up too. So, is the next chapter the one that ends it all? Well, there’s still Orochi… Damn it… It maybe another couple of chapters, or Oda quickly gets everything else resolved, revealing Kaido’s final whopping as a two-page spread at the chapter’s end. Fingers crossed!

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Super Flare-rio Bros. [My Hero Academia 351]

Dabi’s not making out of the series alive, is he?

How can he? It’s been setup he should’ve been dead years ago, and he has zero regret killing people. Also, losing to Shoto will kill his ambition. It’s one thing losing to dear old Endeavor, but Shoto? His little masterpiece? Woo boy! That’s a loss if I ever seen one. Dabi should drop dead the second that happens. But who knows? Maybe Shoto will save him by freezing him? …Nah! He dead!

And by “us” Shoto means the United States. You can’t just dump your problems on Captain Celebrity, dude.