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Super Flare-rio Bros. [My Hero Academia 351]

Dabi’s not making out of the series alive, is he?

How can he? It’s been setup he should’ve been dead years ago, and he has zero regret killing people. Also, losing to Shoto will kill his ambition. It’s one thing losing to dear old Endeavor, but Shoto? His little masterpiece? Woo boy! That’s a loss if I ever seen one. Dabi should drop dead the second that happens. But who knows? Maybe Shoto will save him by freezing him? …Nah! He dead!

And by “us” Shoto means the United States. You can’t just dump your problems on Captain Celebrity, dude.
Isn’t that the name of an 80s death metal band?

It’s nice seeing Dabi unleashed. Throughout most of the series he’s been reserved, keeping his body in top shape for Endeavor. Just imagine if he didn’t need to do that. Most of Class A and B would be dead during the Summer Camp Arc. You got lucky this time, My Hero shippers.

Looks like Shoto mastered his Flashfire Fist. Of course, his version includes both fire and ice! Hmm… What effect does simultaneous heat and cold have on the body? Guess Dabi’s about to find out. Ouch!

Dabi knocking Shoto into Nintendo’s corporate building delays Spatoon 3 again.

This was an okay chapter! The art was great, and the fight itself had some enjoyable moments (Dabi launching Shoto into a building and Endeavor’s sidekicks catching Dabi’s attack.) Other than that, I wasn’t into it. This is the League of Villains fight I’m least interested in, overall. But, I’m sure watching this chapter animated in a few years will be glorious. Almost as glorious as Natsu popping out of nowhere in a fire suppression truck and blasting Toya. Fuyumi’s there too, tossing water balloons while Rei records it all on her new YouTube channel. You heard it here first, kids!

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