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For Real This Time? [One Piece 1047]

End it already!

Wano’s been fun. I had a good time despite it not being one of my favorite One Piece arcs, but it’s time for this party to end. I’m turning on all the lights and playing Michael Bolton music until this you get the hint, Oda. End the damn fight, okay?!

Idris Elba taking matters into his own hands

All the signs are there it’s ending. We get major focus on the citizens of Wano, including the samurai. You’ve seen it before. The current island residents put all their faith into Luffy, building up hype before the arc villain goes down for the count. Momonosuke’s got screen time too. His purpose is saving everyone in Onigashima and the Flower Capital. The hype meter’s filling that moment up too. So, is the next chapter the one that ends it all? Well, there’s still Orochi… Damn it… It maybe another couple of chapters, or Oda quickly gets everything else resolved, revealing Kaido’s final whopping as a two-page spread at the chapter’s end. Fingers crossed!

So that big lightning cliffhanger last chapter ends with Kaido stepping out of the way. Good grief, Oda Brown!

Who’s saving Hiyori? Momonosuke indirectly? One of the Akazaya Nine? Bruno Mars? Here’s hoping Hiyori pulls out a machine gun and saves herself. Ratta-tat-tat, hydra head!

Luffy’s taking a LOT of damage from Kaido. I guess Gear Five is an uber damage sponge like all other top-tier zoan fighters. How exactly will Luffy’s fights go from here? What’s Luffy VS Blackbeard gonna be like? At this point I expect Luffy to slam BB with the entire Redline then smack him with the moon.

Samurai willing to die rather than take their kids to soccer practice

This was an okay chapter! Great art. Great story. I’m just ready to move on to the next thing. Give me the Elbaf arc. Or the Vegapunk Arc. Or even the Kevin Smith arc. That when the entire Straw Hat crew stands around on the Sunny talking about their favorite Star Wars movie. Can you believe Attack of the Clones is Zoro’s favorite? No wonder he’s not the official vice-captain. Bleh!

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2 replies on “For Real This Time? [One Piece 1047]”

Huh; I had forgotten Awakened Zoan users are really tanky. Thinking about it; it’s no wonder Luffy’s been able to take so much damage over the course of the story. Wow……. things are making more and more sense with this reveal.
I’m kind of starting to agree with you and everyone else: I’m kind of ready for Wano to be over. Or at least; to end this battle. It kind of feels like the Paranormal Liberation War arc of “My Hero:” I’m ready for that SWEET SWEET Aftermath!! And with “One Piece;” even a “Not So Incredible” arc can have some INCREDIBLE implications going forward in the story. And with what Wano is to the story- whatever happens is gonna be HUGE.
A lot of emphasis Kaido’s putting on Haki. I wonder if he knows what’s beyond the “Conqueror’s Coating” deal, or what’s beyond Ryuo. He probably doesn’t have it, but knows about it.

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