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This Just In: Kaido And Orochi Are Evil [One Piece 1048]

Thank you Oda for reminding us. I’d forgotten.

So… Was this chapter necessary? If you like dramatic build up, yes. If you like this freakin’ fight to end already, NO! Okay, okay. Let’s check off the Oda-isms:

✓ Luffy VS Kaido is the only fight left

✓ Both are using their “final” attack

✓ Island residents are cheering them on

✓ We’re reminded the bad guys are meanies

Nice try, old timer. But we all know you’re just going through male menopause.
Higurashi Kurozumi transformed into Momonosuke in front of you, remember? Dude must have Alzheimer’s too.

I think that’s it, maybe. Geez! We get it, Oda, a lot’s riding on Luffy winning. Just like every other time on every other island. I seriously hope there isn’t another huge arc in One Piece expect for the final arc. I’m over it.

Okay, so Shogun Orochi. He’s dead, right? Well…defeated, anyway. He’s done. Well done! Get it?! *AHEM!* Anyway, it’s possible Orochi will survive, just like Kaido. The point is getting their burning asses kicked out of Wano forever. With any luck, it’s happening within the next couple of chapters.

Denjiro and Hiyori. Will it finally be revealed Tama’s their daughter or am I reading too much into things? Nah! It’s an internet theory. And all internet theories are true.

Kaido and Orochi at the Republican National Convention

This was an okay chapter! The Luffy and Kaido parts were exciting. Everything else? Bleh! I know your main character has rubber powers, but do you have to stretch this arc out even more, Oda? Take a lesson from me. Look how short my review is. I’m not even gonna waste time ending the review on a jok—

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2 replies on “This Just In: Kaido And Orochi Are Evil [One Piece 1048]”

She’s their WHAT? Is that a thing people are talking about?! I mean…… anything’s possible at this point. BUT…….. like; that’s his Lord’s daughter- he WATCHED HER grow up. Considering her own flashback; kind of raised her into Komurasaki. That be kind of creep, right? Or is that a joke I’m looking too far into?
Yeah; this fight ends HERE. We’re not done with Wano, but Onigashima’s done. And honestly………YEAH; this may have gone on a bit too long. I hope we don’t rush through that SWEET, SWEET AFTERMATH, but I WOULD like to leave Wano before Christmas.
I HOPE he’s dead this time. But probably not. He’s a complicated Villain; Irredeemable and needs to die, but didn’t deserve what drove him to this point- not that it justifies his actions. It’s a weird case that I hope they address.

That’s just my theory. I feel her background is more than just being some random kid. As for the age difference, if Wano’s ancient Japan I can see it happening. Plus, if the OP wiki’s right, Tama’s 8 years old and Hiyori’s 26. If true Hiyori had Tama at 18 years old.

Yeah, Orochi had a hard early life and so did Doflamingo. You may even be able to put Kaido in their category, BUT it doesn’t justify their actions. Look at the SHs. Most of them had bad childhoods but chose to rise above it.

In any case, I don’t see Orochi being redeemed. He’s way past that in my opinion.

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