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The Skycrawler Saga [My Hero Vigilantes 125]

Koichi Haimawari is officially a hero!

As predicted, Koichi’s currently living in the U.S. as Captain Celebrity’s official sidekick, designated CCC-02: Skycrawler. WOO!!!!!! I’m so proud of you, Koichi! You made it, my boy! You did it!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

…Okay…okay. I’m calm… AFO’s been looking into Koichi’s background for a few months, so I’m guessing it’s been about that long since the Naruhata Lockdown Arc happened. Sounds about right.

Interesting how AFO’s direct decision to go all in on the Nomu project was because of Number 6’s fight against Koichi. Sure, the Nomu was something AFO was planning for years, but I think it was mostly a plan to defeat All Might or at least keep him at a distance. From what I gathered from AFO this chapter, he’s now going to use Nomu (the battle version) more as general soldiers rather than ONLY to defeat All Might. This would also explain Hood and the USJ Nomu we saw in the bio-tank. They were probably created to specifically combat All Might. Well, we know USJ Nomu was. It’s just confirmed Hood is part of the All Might Hater’s Club too. His desire to fight strong opponents supports the theory.

The biggest downside working for All For One? Listening to his constant monologues.

Shifting gears, let’s talk about Pop Step. She’s gotta reunite with Koichi next chapter, but what’s she gonna do going forward career wise? I got a feeling she’ll headline the future second Hoppers cafe. My theory is the next shop will be a live music cafe with Pop at the forefront.

Still no Knuckleduster. He’s gotta show up next chapter, so I’m not worried. Soga, my dude. Become a detective. You know you want to. Hmm… I wonder what “new facilities” are being built in Naruhata’s old quarter? A Japanese branch of C.C.’s agency? Nah! A hero school or training facility? Maybe. I just think whatever it is, it’s not an agency since Koichi being in America makes the most sense given what we know goes down in the main series (i.e. War). Besides, it’ll be that much sweeter when Koichi shows up to help Endeavor take down AFO. Yes, I’m still on that wagon. I’m not giving up hope!

Girl, please. You better jump on that free real estate before Knuckleduster’s daughter does.

This was a great chapter! We’re slowly learning the fates of our main and supporting cast and I’m loving every moment. Thank goodness it’s not being rushed. So…next chapter (Chapter 126) will indeed be the final chapter of My Hero Vigilantes. I’m excited, sad, and extremely hopeful. It’s been a long time, Y’All. I’m looking forward to everything wrapping up nicely. I’m…*sniff* no…don’t cry, Red. Save it for the finale. Be an adult. Besides, I should appreciate how well-written and drawn this series has consistently bee— WAH!!!! Don’t leave me, Vigilantes! Please! I need my comfort ice cream! Now!!!!!

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2 replies on “The Skycrawler Saga [My Hero Vigilantes 125]”

I’m hoping we get Koichi and C.C.’s hero ranking. Not sure how high Koichi will rank as a sidekick but C.C. (given his huge H.Q.) should be in the Top 10).

Need help sleeping? Easy. Just read the last couple chapters of MHA. BOOM!

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