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Chill Out, Bruh! [My Hero Academia 352]

Why should I care about this fight again?

Toya VS Shoto. Uh-huh. They’re brothers, but that’s it. There’s no real personal investment from either. Dabi’s just attacking Shoto because he’s Endeavor’s favorite, while Shoto’s using Dabi as a stepping stone to master his new Ultimate Move.

And sorry, Shoto, but I’m over your daddy issues. I’m glad for you, but I don’t feel all too invested because you’ve been slowly reconnecting with your dad. Sure, you were feeling stuck seeing Izuku and Bakugo gain experience and power, but I don’t think the manga focused on your insecurities enough in the last fifty chapters to deserve this kind of payoff. I’m so apathetic about it all.

♪The cold never bothered him anyway.♪
That is one angry Digimon

Let’s focus on the good: The art. Horikoshi’s been killing it the last several chapte—Why is Ida there?! Sorry, I got one more negative comment. What happened to the team up angle Horikoshi’s been setting up? Does it only apply to Super Shigaraki and One For All? Endeavor’s sidekicks helped, but it was very minor. I want Class A and/or top hero team-ups! Give me the Avengers and Young Avengers, not Great Lakes Avengers and…whatever loser equivalent to Young Avengers exists. Teen Titans? Nah, they’re cool. Well, you know what I mean.

Back to the good. Dabi’s the first League of Villian member taken down. Guess even Horikoshi realised it’s better to get this fight out of the way. Spinner. Toga. AFO (Skycrawler, incoming?). Super Shigaraki. Now, THOSE are fights I’m looking forward to. Don’t disappoint me, Hori-sensei.

Cold fire. Yes, I get it. …Sorta. *sigh* My Hero Wiki, here I come…

This was an uninteresting chapter! The art was fantastic, but everything else fell flat for me. Nowhere to go from here but up. Up, up, to the sky. Skycrawler! I need you! Save this series! Anyone got C.C. Corporation’s emergency rescue number?

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2 replies on “Chill Out, Bruh! [My Hero Academia 352]”

Yeah…….. this storyline has boiled down to Dabi’s Daddy Issues vs Shoto’s Friend Power- probably the worst way to end one of the most interesting storylines in the manga. Though I guess after how Impactful the reveal was; there wasn’t much room to grow.
I at least like Shoto’s Ultimate move!

Agreed, it’s a great ultimate move and I could see Dabi VS Shoto was coming hundreds of chapters ago. Just wish it was handled better.

This could be another case where a long running battle shonen has a lackluster endiing. Guess it’s all up to you, One Piece.

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