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That’s All Folks! [One Piece 1049]

This is what happens when you over hype a fight.

*SIGH!* You know I have problems with a chapter when the most positive thing I can say is I love the art. And I do. It’s great. Plus, the fight’s over. That’s freakin’ awesome!

Too bad it ended kinda anti-climatically. Oda did the classic flashback before the end maneuver. That’s fine and all, but it wasn’t worth the wait. We saw why Kaido became a pirate and more of his ideology. Basically, he hates those who rule the world and want to destroy those unfair powers that be through his survival-of-the-fittest policy. Gotcha. But…that’s it? I don’t know quite how to describe it, but that flashback simply left me wanting more. MUCH more.

Double KO. Or as the young-uns who play that Super Smash Brothers say, DBZ!
With all the evil things the World Government does, I’m starting to think Im is a multiverse variant of Vladimir Putin

And that last punch from Luffy. Again, great setup, but the follow through was weak. There wasn’t enough impact, enough force. It was basically, BOOP, Kaido hits the ground, knockout! For how long this damn arc and that fight lasted, I’m underwhelmed. Oda’s editors need to tell him to wrap up these arcs faster. Wano didn’t have to last this long. But, hey! It’s Oda so they’re gonna let him do what he wants. Not a bad thing. It’s made them a ton of money so far. But, I really hope there isn’t another long arc like this again. Final arc excluded, of course.

Is Orochi dead? Don’t know and don’t care. But he’s probably not.

Was everyone in Vodka Kingdom an ogre? It was hard to tell with the soldiers wearing hoods. I guess Oda’s keeping it vague for now.

Kaido talking about his former AC/DC bandmates

This was an okay chapter! Not exactly a pleasant conclusion given this chapter ends Luffy and Kaido’s battle. Oh, well. It’s over. That’s enough for me. …I swear, Oda. If Kaido isn’t KO’d I’m dropping the series! Okay, not dropping, suspending reading for a year. A month, tops. Two hours. Yes! I’ll wait two hours before reading every new chapter. That’ll show you. Mahahaha!

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