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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble [My Hero Academia 353]

Coming Soon: More Fighting!

Dabi’s indeed down for the count, but not quite out. Something’s happening to his body. Did AFO give him an extra quirk while slapping his butt as a token of encouragement? That has to be a second quirk glowing in Dabi’s chest. I wonder what it’ll do? While I wasn’t that invested in Dabi and Shoto’s fight, I’m looking forward to what Horikoshi has planned for Dabi in the future. See you in round 2, Hothead.

More Tartarus escapees! Yes! That’s what I want, more powerful villains giving our heroes a run for their money. This Kunieda guy’s with his plant related quirk looks fun. Can’t wait to see that in action.

You think that’s weird? Wait until you see his nipple missile quirk.

The return of Gigantomachia? I certainly hope so. It’s the last arc; pull out all the stops, Hori-darling. Can’t wait to see Skycrawler showing up and taking him down. Just kidding! Kochi’s going to help Endeavor beat down All For One. Yeah, I’m gonna keep saying it. He’s coming, damn it! No one call tell me otherwise!

Yeah! And Mr. Compress too, right? The guy with the mask? …He turns stuff into marbles? ……Related to—Aw, forget it!

The Liberation Army trying to free Kurogiri. Nice. Question is if Kurogiri’s still under AFO’s control or is Shirakumo’s mind restored? Guess if Shirakumo was in the driver’s seat, they’d be using his quirk. Or maybe they are on the down low? Hmm…

Welp! My long-standing theory Spinner’s getting an extra quirk is confirmed. Looks like a standard size changing quirk. But, who knows, maybe AFO gave him a few others. Perhaps a copy of Gigantomachia’s stamina quirk allowing him to use several quirks? That’d be more interesting. And with Shoji, a fellow heteromorph on the scene, maybe we’ll finally get a hero talking about their struggles as a hetoromorph. It’s a long time coming, Y’All. Don’t drop that ball, Hori-sweetie.

Not to mention Harvey Weinstein and Suge Knight. Deku dodged a massive bullet avoiding them.

This was a good chapter! Yeah, it was basically a preview of upcoming fights, but I’m genuinely excited about what’s happening next. Bring it on, Hori-baby booty cakes! And, don’t forget about Koichi. I got $100 riding on him showing up in the main series. Put him in and I’ll give you $20. Deal?

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2 replies on “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble [My Hero Academia 353]”

If Touya IS like No 6 and has multiple quirks- how many? What do they do? And if he’s part of the Number series, then what Number would he be?
I like the Morale boost aspect of the fight; hearing Todoroki overcome His struggle made them all try harder. It kind of reminds me of what’s going on in “One Piece” right now.

I don’t think Toya’s a Number. AFO may have secretly given him a quirk while he was in a coma . If so, who knows what it does. It may end up doing Toya more harm than good.

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