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The Seafloor Is Lava [One Piece 1050]

Wano 3.0

Meet the new Wano, same as the old Wano. That’s right, kids. While Kaido and Big Mom take sexy lava baths, the samurai nation begins its process of healing. That may be why Momonosuke won’t open Wano’s borders immediately. It’d be like if Disney World is was under evil rule, then suddenly Beyonce takes over. You gotta get your own amusement park—erm—nation in order before inviting the neighbors over for cookies and teacup rides.

Democracy? What’s that?
Zunesha (thinking): Yeah, sure. Not like I’m been waiting 800 freakin’ years or anything. Wait…how am I still alive?

I wonder if Kaido and Big Mom will escape? The Big Mom Pirates will probably show up, grab Big Mom and go. As for Kaido? He’s most likely get arrested by the Navy. It doesn’t matter because it’s Kaido. He’ll break out of their custody, eventually, and… I don’t know. Become a judge on a celebrity dance show? Who cares! Just give me his backstory while as a member of the Rocks Pirates and I’m fine never seeing him again.

Luffy’s officially in recovery mode. I wonder how long he and Zoro will get back to full health this time? Days at least. A week may be pushing it with the Navy just outside Wano. Did I mention how happy I am Kaido VS Luffy is over? YAY!

I’m sure Oda simply forgot to mention Tristan. *clears throat*

This was a good chapter! I’m excited to see how Oda wraps up the arc. There have to be more surprises in store. And don’t forget about Straw Hat bounties updating! That CP0 agent who escaped Onigashima is gonna narc on everyone. And Apoo will certainly tell the rest of the world what happened at Wano. The big mouth. Don’t forget the post arc party! Gonna need a music act. I heard Justin Bieber wanted to perform in Wano. Hmm… Maybe that’s why Momonosuke’s not opening the borders.

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2 replies on “The Seafloor Is Lava [One Piece 1050]”

Momo’s making his own decisions now, so that’s a good thing. Given what’s waiting for them outside and the World Government getting ready to move with the “Cleansing;” it might be for the best that Wano continues to be isolated. Though Zunesha MIGHT be a little more than miffed after that.
The Government is NOT gonna miss this chance to capture 2 Yonko- especially with Luffy coming up as a 5th One. They gotta get those last 2 remnants of Roger’s era out of here FAST!
It’s gonna be a few days before Luffy wakes up, and even longer for Zoro. Maybe Act 3 ends in 1,052 or 53, and then we see……….. ALL OF THAT other stuff. Then Act 4 sees the Full Wrap up with the Road Poneglyph and a Big Ol’ Lore Dump. Act 5 sees them go and party to celebrate their new members. And then going to the Next stop- NEWSPAPER CHAPTER.

Apologies for the late reply.

Cleansing? You mean like a country wide Buster Call? Yeah, good thing Zunesha’s there. Especially, since there’s a good chance at least one Admiral is among that fleet. Unlike Alabasta, Wano doesn’t have to care about lying to protect Luffy with them not being part of the WG. Again, I guess that’s where Zunesha AND the rest of the minks on her back come in.

I agree, there’s LOTS more left to do before the SHs leaves Wano which I’m fine with. This is the part I’ve been waiting to see for years!

Luffy, Law, and Kid beating an Emperor is gonna rock the world in ways I can’t wait to see! Luffy’s so close to becoming Public Enemy #1 (because of his fight and devil fruit) there’s no telling what the WG will do now.

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