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Welcome Back, Jack [My Hero Academia 354]

The backup singers have arrived!

Now, that’s a superhero entrance! Bravo, Earphone Jack & Tsukuyomi! Helping Hawks and Endeavor fight All For One is one hell of an upgrade. It’s about as pro-hero as you can get. Just don’t die, okay?

Wish Jiro would sit on me. Wait! Did I say that out loud?
Says the guy giving every My Hero Academia fan the finger

Endeavor’s hurt and it’s confirmed Hawks is indeed not as fast as he used to be. Prosthetic feathers. Makes sense given he had so few and then, BOOM! They all seemed to had grown back. And here I thought the Number 2 hero had been drinking protein shakes non-stop, but no. Hawks may never fully recover from Dabi’s brutal attack. Good. From a narrative point of view, anyway. No hero should be able to bounce back from what Dabi did to Hawks. Gold star to Horikoshi for giving that fight lasting consequences.

AFO doesn’t have hyper regeneration? Does he have ANY regeneration? I thought he had at least a basic regen quirk. Hawks made it sound like he’s got nothing. And why doesn’t he? If I remember correctly, AFO was able to obtain the hyper-regen quirk after his first fight against All Might so…even if it can’t heal injuries from back then, shouldn’t the quirk be able to heal everything from now on? I’m confused and annoyed. AFO not having regeneration seems like a copout. If an injured Endeavor, slower Hawks, Jiro and Tokoyami can defeat AFO… Well, let’s just say I won’t be happy unless they have one hell of an excellent strategy.

You think that’s bad? You don’t wanna know what AFO said as a guest judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race.

This was a great chapter! AFO’s a fun villain to hate. Smart, petty, powerful. When he’s in a chapter, you know it’s gonna be good. I’m way more interested in this battle than Dabi VS Shoto. And, yes, I’m still banking on Skycrawler showing up. I’m not letting it go, damn it! So, die Jiro and Tokoyami and let Koichi take ove—Whoa! What was that rumble? Oh, no! Jiro fans?! They found me! AHHH!!!!!

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2 replies on “Welcome Back, Jack [My Hero Academia 354]”

For me, it’s the opposite; I’m still trying to figure out how Dabi’s surviving his own quirk at this point. Whereas here; I’m like “Jiro? SERIOUSLY?” Kind of late for her to show massive courage against the Big Bad, right? Feels like Uraraka or Momo would have been the one to do something like this. You know; a “MAIN Main Character.”

I think Dabi survived as long as he did by not going all out with his quirk. Of course, that doesn’t excuse Ujiko’s statement he should’ve been dead by now, but hey, that’s shonen logic. Hmm…guess you can say Dabi went Plus Ultra to stay alive.

It’s all just an excuse to why Dabi wasn’t melting UA students and heroes in every encounter.

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