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Your Friendly Neighborhood Skycrawler [My Hero Vigilantes 126] [Finale]

What a ride!

Got a lot of thoughts bouncing in my wacky little brain. Thoughts about this chapter, the series as a whole, whether we’ll see the Skycrawler again. But, first let me say I’m happy. I’m happy I got to enjoy such a well thought out, well-written series. Happy this manga series ended on a hopeful note. Happy My Hero Vigilantes ended on its own terms. But yeah, I’m sad to see it go.

Let’s jump in. This chapter’s great! It did a great job updating us on the fates of the main and supporting characters while delivering a typical fun Vigilantes chapters. Koichi’s massive debt and impending lawsuits keeping him out of Japan (and away from All For One and what happens in the series) makes sense. It also sucks. The guy saved Pop, the Police and medical professionals at the hospital and he gets slapped with lawsuits? Bleh! The price of being a vigilante finally caught up with Koichi, but at least he’s now a hero. So, good for you, Skycrawler!

126 chapters. 1260 times Koichi almost died.

I love Koichi saving the plane. That’s his thing. He helps people. But now he does so on a massive scale. His Skycrawler costume’s cool too! I like the nods to Captain Celebrity’s costume. Koichi receiving the New York All Might hoodie reminds us where he came from. That now matter the outfit, he’ll always be an All Might fanboy.

Or, you can petition the local government to entice heroes to move into the area, but that’s just crazy me talking.

Huge props to Captain Celebrity and Makoto trying to help Koichi win over the people of New York. Some have stated C.C. could’ve just translated for Koichi, but he wanted the public to see his sidekick as his own person. It’s safe to say the good captain was in on the plan and let Koichi save the day instead of answering the Mayor’s call for help himself. Look, he and Makoto tried, okay? These things happen. Honestly, I’m surprised Koichi’s popularity didn’t sky rocket from basically saying he’ll bust up Wall Street’s fat cats. You can tell My Hero Vigilantes is written by people from Japan in that regard, ha!

Pop Step. While it would’ve been nice seeing Kazuho in New York with Koichi, I can understand it’s probably too early for her to travel abroad. She likes Koichi. Koichi likes her. Guess we’re leaving it at that, for now. I’m pleased Pop moved to another city and restarting her life. I hope she continues with her singing career. Koichi achieved his dream. Why not her? Also, did Miu move to the same city or is she just visiting? Just a random thought.

Knuckleduster. His fate feels bittersweet to me. Sure, he’s protecting Naruhata while Koichi’s gone, but I’d hoped he’d leave vigilantism and just take care of his daughter. Okay, she’s an adult now and she’s dating Soga, so maybe that’s a no go. I’m just sayin’ I want some kind of life for Iwao other than patrolling Naruhata in his battered body.

So, yeah, a great final chapter to a brilliant series. Guess that’s it, everyon—

Are you f-ckin’ kidding me? That’s the last page?! What the hell does that mean? Is it just a promo for My Hero Academia? A hint Koichi’s returning to Japan to help in the main series’ final battle? Let’s be real here. Koichi’s story isn’t finished yet. We don’t know if Koichi will win his lawsuits; we didn’t see Koichi and Pop together in the final chapter and KD’s still destroying himself in an effort to protect Naruhata. There’s more to their lives left to see. Much more. And I’m not just talking about Koichi appearing in My Hero Academia. Could we get a sequel series? Maybe a series about U.S. heroes with Skycrawler cameos? A team-up OVA between Deku and Skycrawler? A future movie featuring the two? There’s no way this franchise ends without Izuku and Koichi meeting, right? RIGHT?!

Reporters asked will Koichi grab Lizzo’s butt next time she’s in New York

This was a wonderful chapter to a wonderful series! The way I gauge a series is whether I feel it was worth my time. That answer is a big Yes! My Hero Vigilantes is one of the most solid manga series I’ve ever read. It’s not the best, just a good, enjoyable story. And that’s more than enough for me. Thank you Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court for sharing this story with the world. And thank you, Kohei Horikoshi, for not eating the chicken salad sandwich I left in the fridge. What? You did? Screw you, dude!

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2 replies on “Your Friendly Neighborhood Skycrawler [My Hero Vigilantes 126] [Finale]”

I think I said this before, but it was one of your posts- around the time Nomura was revealed to be No 6- that made me read the series. For that; I thank you- for turning me on to an amazing series.
I kind of want to do a post on this series, but……… I think I’ll wait for the main story to end to address my thoughts on EVERYTHING everything.
But something that I really liked is how this series was able to stand alone, but also make sure you know when it takes place and how important it is to the larger world. Not many prequels or spinoffs are able to do that!!
Koichi…………….. I feel like we’re past the point where he would have shown up. For him to appear now would be the same as Mirio appearing at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War: “Hype Bait.” Will he? I could go either way, but…….. PROBABLY……….. to help Izuku or something.
I think we’ll also possinly see KD again- though he’ll probably die in battle if he does. If he hasn’t gotten himself killed already. In which case; Soga’s up next! Or Pop- if she’s still into that sort of thing these days. A lot can happen.

Normally, I say Koichi won’t show up in the main series, but like you implied, Horikoshi isn’t afraid of dropping people into the story out of nowhere. Star & Stripe is my goto for proof. If a character as important as her can show up out of nowhere (which isn’t necessarily a good thing, mind you), then I have hope Koichi will do the same.

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