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We Wano Visitors [One Piece 1052]

Wherefore Art Thou, Nico Robin?

Reading Poneglyphs, of course. Gonna be some huge info dropping since Oda didn’t even bother showing our favorite archaeologist. Kaido’s, Big Mom’s and the Zou Poneglyphs have all been found by the Straw Hats. Only one left. On Elbaf? Probably.

So just how will the Elder Stars manipulate Team Luffy whooping TWO Emperors? Appoint another Admiral? Try to execute Kaido and Big Mom, assuming they’re both in Navy custody? Who knows, but the World Government needs a win in the eyes of its citizens and the Elders are gonna find one, real or fake.

Yamato gave Brook a boner. Skull Joke!
Oda missed the perfect opportunity giving the guy with a plant quirk corn rolls hair

Ashura, Izo, and Hawkins are indeed dead. Wow! Ashura, yeah. But Izo and Hawkins? I didn’t see that coming. Bummer, but I’m glad a fight against Emperors leads to well-known characters dying. It makes them that more dangerous.

Ryokugyu is on his way to Wano! And like many predicted, the Green Bull has plant powers. My guess is it’s a plant paramecia devil fruit. Overpowered, naturally, just like Fujitora’s gravity paramecia devil fruit. What’s his game? Is he there to capture Robin himself? Broker a deal with Momonosuke to open Wano’s borders? Whatever it is, I doubt it’s simply to capture Luffy. I read a theory he’ll bring plant life back to most of Wano. Hope it comes true.

Don’t worry, Y’All. Hawkins was trying to say Mel Brooks.

This was a good chapter! Your classic post-battle chapter featuring the Straw Hats recovering, having fun, and preparing to leave while the country they saved rebuilds and celebrates. So… about bounties. Luffy’s an Emperor. No doubt there. Law and Kid, on the other hand, it’s all or nothing. Either both become Emperors or neither. That means 5 Emperors of the Sea or someone else fills the 4th slot. Heard theories Buggy will steal the spot since he’s been failing upwards since Impel Down. I like it. Either him or Johnny Depp’s fine. I’m not picky.

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