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The Emperor’s New Groove [One Piece 1053]

Let’s get this party started!

3 billion berries. Luffy, Law, and Kid are all wanted for that amount after defeating Kaido and Big Mom. I thought Luffy would have the highest bounty, but the Elder Stars made him an Emperor, probably under the pretense of Monkey D. heading the alliance. Smart move. Wow! I can’t believe Luffy’s an Emperor now. Remember when a 100 million berri bounty was a huge deal? Congratulations, Monkey D.! I’m so happy to be a One Piece fan!

What about Zoro and Sanji? What’s their current bounties? I don’t see them getting anything less than 1 billion each. Maybe Killer hits 1 billion too. The rest of the Straw Hats will naturally receive higher bounties but I don’t see any of them hitting 1 billion. As for Yamato, he’s getting a wanted poster, no doubt.

Where’s the DJ? Anybody got any coke? …What the hell kinda party is this?!

Kaido and Big Mom. Where are they? Well, the Big Mom Pirates most likely recovered their fallen captain, but Kaido wasn’t among the Animal Kingdom Pirates at Udon, so I’m assuming the Big Bad Dragon Daddy’s with Big Mom’s crew. Probably best he’s off Wano. If anyone got word he’s still there, the entire country would try to finish him off. Still, I’m interested in what his and Big Mom’s reaction will be learning they lost their Emperor status.

Is that really Buggy or did the Navy confuse him for Lindsay Lohan again?

Nico Robin and Pluton. Where is Oda going with that? Hmm… Wano doesn’t have any ships for sailing to other countries. I wonder if that’s where Pluton comes in from a narrative standpoint. Will the ancient battleship allow Wano’s samurai to traverse the Grandline to help Luffy in the final World War Arc? Well, the Straw Hats certainly ain’t taking it, so why not?

Kozuki Sukiyaki. He’s Tengu Guy. …Okay. Basically, Oda kept him alive to drop knowledge bombs with Robin. Fine, I guess. Tell Robin all your Kozuki secrets, then fart off.

Guess I was wrong about Admiral Ryokugyu. He’s definitely after Luffy now that he’s officially an Emperor. Wonder how Luffy’s getting out of this one? My guess: Booze. Ryokugyu looks to be a drinker. Maybe he’ll get drunk, allowing the Straw Hats the opportunity to get the hell out of Wano before becoming fertilizer.

Ryokugyu mentioned the world as currently being a mess. What’s happening? At the very least, Buggy’s done something big enough to earn him an Emperor spot. Amassed the largest pirate crew in the world, maybe? And what’s Blackbeard been up to? Has all his commanders gotten devil fruits? Has the Teech gotten a zoan power to add to his logia and paramecia abilities? Or is it worse than that? Just how close is Blackbeard to reaching Laugh Tale? Is there a shortcut? Maybe its location is hidden somewhere other than on Road Poneglyph? Somewhere like God Valley? Just putting it out there, Y’All.

Swamp Thing’s been going to the gym

This was a fantastic chapter! Post-battle chapters are so much fun, both in showing the Straw Hats having a good time and the delicious world building. Oda’s feeding us well. Next week’s chapter is gonna be… What? A month long break?! …Oh… Well, um…guess there’s always My Hero Vigilant— Right, it’s over… Is Hunter X Hunter back? No? *SIGH!* It’s gonna be a looong break. Anyone up for a game of chess?

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2 replies on “The Emperor’s New Groove [One Piece 1053]”

Yeah, I know the feeling; this break is gonna suck to high heaven, but Oda needs his rest. And to plan for this finale so it doesn’t get “My Hero’d” or “Naruto’d.” NO ONE wants that again- especially not with this manga.
Personally; I think they’re still in the magma. Or did that volcanic explosion free them? Never quite sure about that part.
I was not expecting several things in this chapter. Pluton; Sukiyaki; but above all else I wasn’t expecting to see BUGGY. My brother made the joke about Buggy realizing that he’s “God’s Favorite,” so he should just try to find the One Piece. Yeah- he might just find it. All he’d need to do is close his eyes and he’d be at Laugh Tale!

lol. Buggy becoming Pirate King would be the biggest troll move ever.

The world being messed up is interesting. And I can see the World Government making it worse. Guess it’s up to the Straw Hats to fix things.

Since CP0 mentioned The Big Mom Pirates, I’m assuming they grabbed Big Mom (and Kaido) after the eruption. I just don’t see those two dying after the likes of Crocodile and Doflamingo surviving. But, hey, Oda could be playing for keeps now.

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