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Bakugo De-Feeted [My Hero Academia 360]

Warning: Evil Toes Ahead!

I like to read a chapter at least twice, make talking points, then write my general thoughts. Here’s my talking points for this chapter:

…What? There’s nothing there? Yeah, I got zip to say. Not to say nothing happened. Stuff happens in every chapter. I can talk about Shigaraki’s long, white locks all day, but that’s not interesting.

Some fans would pay to be in Bakugo’s position. Switch Shigaraki out with Ms. Joke and I’ll give you all the money.
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When Trees Attack [One Piece 1054]

Well, Oda said we’re headed for the endgame. He’s not joking.

Sabo, the Flame Emperor of the Revolutionaries. Nice. Countries are breaking free from World Government rule, causing quite the crisis for those in charge. Where could this lead? What will the Elder Stars do when backed into a corner? Nothing good, I’ll tell you that! Hmm… Maybe this is where Vegapunk and whatever weapons/devil fruits he cooked up come in?

Sabo killed Cobra Commander—erm—King Cobra? No way! My guess is Im’s forces (the Holy Knights?) tried capturing Vivi, and Cobra got caught in the crossfire. Sabo probably saved Vivi, and she’s lying low with the Revolutionaries. And thank goodness Kuma was saved! I wonder if Jewelry Bonney’s hanging with Team Sabo too? That could be her overall role in the series, helping the Revolutionaries take down the World Government. No telling how old she really is. Bonney may have some intel essential to destroying the current establishment.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s a devil fruit user?!
Manga My Hero Academia

Bakugo Gets Skeeted On [My Hero Academia 359]

Stop trying to make the business course matter, Horikoshi.

It’s far too late for that. Should’ve given them a chapter or two arcs ago. I care about them less than All For Shigaraki does about Bakugo.

Yep, Bakugo thought he was wearing big boy pants, but he’s still rockin’ diapers. The little firecracker used his strongest attack against a quirkless Shigaraki and lost, big time! Too bad, so sad. We’re at the endgame, Y’All. If you ain’t packin’ enough heat to melt the polar ice caps, then you’re in the wrong place. You get a gold star for tryin’ though.

Xmas came early for Bakugo haters
Manga My Hero Academia

Explosive Dyna-rrhea [My Hero Academia 358]

Time to learn who’s approaching Deku. …What?

WHAT?! No Deku scene? So, I gotta wait a week or more to learn who the heck’s flying toward him? Come on! Well, maybe that’s a good thing. If it’s important, say like Deku meeting a group of international heroes (including Skycrawler), Horikoshi may be building hype for the reveal. Plus the last volume of My Hero Vigilantes recently came out in Japan. Hori-sensei is probably giving Vigilantes fans time to enjoy Koichi’s debut as an official hero there before introducing him into the main series. Yeah, I’m going all in on this, Y’All. It’s Skycrawler or bust! You can’t tell me he’s not coming. The voices in my head told me, so it must be true.

The only thing that could make this more American is Bakugo eating an apple pie.

Instead, we get a chapter on Team Best Jeanist’s fight against Super Shigaraki inside the flying U.A. fortress. Well, not much of a fight, really. Just the heroes dodging Shiggy’s “simple growth” hands. From what I can understand, the All For One quirk is still adjusting to his body. Basically, he’s getting a final form. That’s the meta here. Don’t act surprised. This is a battle shonen after all.

Manga My Hero Academia

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Hero [My Hero Academia 357]

Endeavor’s mad as hell, and he’s not gonna take it anymore!

Fire Daddy’s angry, Y’All! And, I love he’s accepted it. Using it, in fact, to cause maximum damage to All For One. The power of focused rage is indeed scary. And big-ups to Hawks for giving Endeavor a feathery speed boost. I love combo attacks and that one’s simple, yet effective.

Not as scary as a wounded chocolatier