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Bakugo Gets Skeeted On [My Hero Academia 359]

Stop trying to make the business course matter, Horikoshi.

It’s far too late for that. Should’ve given them a chapter or two arcs ago. I care about them less than All For Shigaraki does about Bakugo.

Yep, Bakugo thought he was wearing big boy pants, but he’s still rockin’ diapers. The little firecracker used his strongest attack against a quirkless Shigaraki and lost, big time! Too bad, so sad. We’re at the endgame, Y’All. If you ain’t packin’ enough heat to melt the polar ice caps, then you’re in the wrong place. You get a gold star for tryin’ though.

Xmas came early for Bakugo haters
The power of friendship isn’t what it used to be. Might I suggest a vial of neurotoxin instead?

Hey! Mirio’s been at Castle U.A. this whole time! He was the “messenger-bodyguard” for the engineer team. Now, the Big 3’s back together to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And they’re all out of ass. Seriously, how can they damage Shigaraki? Sure, Nejire’s a powerhouse, but she lacks speed. Mirio has defense but lacks power. And Tamaki… creates tentacles? What the hell is he gonna do? Annoy Shiggy by buzzing around with gnat wings? Maybe he ate a koala to give the Shig-ster chlamydia? I got no idea how Suneater will contribute to the fight.

Midoriya’s still MIA. The kid’s busy talking with Skycrawler and the other international heroes who arrived. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Heh-heh-heh.

I thought your job was booking heroes on morning talk shows and making sure their cheap action figures don’t fall apart until after one week?

This was an okay chapter! The part with the business course students came out of nowhere, but Bakugo’s revealation he’s nowhere near All Might level was good to see. Still, this isn’t a very interesting battle. Hoping the Big 3 will crank things up a notch. I’m sure all three will survive the battle.

…Mirio’s gonna die, isn’t he?

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2 replies on “Bakugo Gets Skeeted On [My Hero Academia 359]”

Mirio’s death? Out of all the Big 3; he IS the one I like the least. Fine character; I just like the other 2 more!
The Management Course can kiss my @$$. I hope they get decayed before this is over.
Poor, Poor Bakugo. Notice that it’s the same arm that was messed up for Izuku. Now they’re matching!!………….. Well; Kacchan got it worse.

I didn’t notice that are detail! Nice!

As for Mirio, I just figure if someone dies from the Big 3 it has to be someone whose death will make the biggest impact on Deku.

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