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Bakugo De-Feeted [My Hero Academia 360]

Warning: Evil Toes Ahead!

I like to read a chapter at least twice, make talking points, then write my general thoughts. Here’s my talking points for this chapter:

…What? There’s nothing there? Yeah, I got zip to say. Not to say nothing happened. Stuff happens in every chapter. I can talk about Shigaraki’s long, white locks all day, but that’s not interesting.

Some fans would pay to be in Bakugo’s position. Switch Shigaraki out with Ms. Joke and I’ll give you all the money.
What? I got friends. They’re just really busy, that’s all. Oh, you’re talking to Shigaraki.

Bakugo getting stepped on by Shigaraki happened. The Big 3 are in a losing fight against Shigaraki. Bakugo’s not giving up. All good stuff, but not worth going in-depth about. This is the final arc and I feel like Horikoshi’s spinning his wheels. I’m getting Bleach, Naruto, and Toriko flashbacks. Good shonen series that all lost their luster by the end.

…Trying to join the X-Men.
For the last time Bakugo, you’re not joining the MCU.

This was…a decent chapter. Cool art. And Shiggy’s foot game is strong, but it’s not enough to make me love this chapter. Focusing on the biggest baddies first instead of Tartarus escapees or lower level League of Villains members? I’m hoping this is all just a big ole round one. And if so, I hope the second round is overall better. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to incorporate Skycrawler into the chapter discussion again. Love you, Koichi!

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