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Extreme Makeover: Villain Edition [My Hero Academia 363]

All For One brought sexy back. You other villains don’t know how to act.

All For One’s healed?! Uh-oh! Either he’s got the world’s most talented plastic surgeon on his side or that needle we last saw him with contained Eri’s blood. Is this the final payoff to Tomura stealing Overhaul’s research? Looks like it. But instead of manufacturing quirk erasing weapons, the yummy Overlord of Evil used it to recover from All Might’s attack. Smart.

What does this mean for the injured Endeavor, Hawks and everyone else and Gunga Villa ruins? Well, they’re screwed! At least they are without backup. Um…Skycrawler? You comin’ or what?

AFO’s dream of becoming a Calvin Klein underwear model can finally come true
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Goodbye and Good Riddance, Wano [One Piece 1057]

Whelp. At least it’s over.

What the fork, Oda?! Yamato isn’t joining the Straw Hats? Then why has the story heavily implied he is? That’s bullshit and you know it. It was a done deal and you just have Yamato do an 180 on the Wano arc’s last chapter? Maybe if he had a satisfying reason to stay but just because Oden traveled Wano first he’s gonna too? Bleh! Total failure, Oda-sensei.

Now, what I did like about the chapter was Momonosuke and Luffy’s goodbye. It’s so heartwarming! A good sendoff to both Momo and Kin’emon who’ve been with the Straw Hats for years in our time. Perfect.

Congrats, Yamato! You’re now as annoying to me and the original Od*n. Here’s your complimentary roll of sand paper toilet tissue.
Manga One Piece

Buggy The Pimp [One Piece 1056]

Sir Crocodile and Mihawk better get clown daddy his money.

Or not. No doubt Crocodile and Mihawk are using Buggy for their own ends. Why should they take all the heat from the Navy when they can pretend to follow Buggy the Meat Shield? There may even be more to it than that, but we’ll have to wait and see.

You could say Buggy’s Cross Guild placing bounties on Navy personnel is a pimp move. Buggy actively going against the Navy, and by extension the World Government, in the current revolution climate definitely helped earn his Emperor status along with filling his crew with powerhouses. The Clown Prince of Sea Crime’s a fool, but he’s ain’t stupid.

Infamous supergroup Cross Guild’s latest rap album cover

Caribou’s still a creep. Doesn’t he know “snitches get haki stitches”? So, are we all in agreement Blackbeard’s the “certain someone” Caribou’s talking about? It sure as hell ain’t Shanks or A Pimp Named Buggy. And no one else is worth Oda being so vague about it, so that’s that. Not to mention, Blackbeard has Whitebeard’s quake-quake powers. Knocking down Wano’s rocky barrier and stealing the ancient weapon shouldn’t pose a problem. Now that I think about, if the Blackbeard Pirates are truly the Anti-Straw Hats, they’ll need a formable ship to compete with the Thousand Sunny. Guess that’s where Pluton comes in!

Manga My Hero Academia

An Explosive Demise [My Hero Academia 362]

So… is he dead or not?

Is Katsuki Bakugo truly dead? Horikoshi sure wants us to think that. Most of the chapter was dedicated to giving Dynamight a heroic end. Hori even showed Bakugo’s heart getting stabbed. Hmm… This is a toughie. The only way I see Bakugo getting saved is Eri, but she’s not there. Now, could someone have developed a tweaked version of Overhaul’s quirk erasure formula? One that could rewind someone back a minute or so? That’s the only thing I can come up with and it’s one heck of a Hail Mary.

If this was One Piece, all he’d need is some bandages and a post fight afterparty.
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Shanks Sliding Into Green Bull’s DMs [One Piece 1055]

One Piece Film: Red, the prequel comic.

Sure, it’s awesome seeing Shanks call Admiral Aramaki on his iHaki, but this was a clear promo for the upcoming One Piece movie. Shanks basically did two important things:

1.) Declare he’s serious about finding One Piece

2.) Force Aramaki to leave Wano.

The first could’ve happened from anywhere in the world. The second reason? Well, Aramaki’s reasoning was Luffy’s still recovering from his fight against Kaido and is currently easy to kill. All Oda had to do was have Luffy (and Zoro) blast some Supreme King Haki at the a-hole admiral and that’d be enough for him to think twice and call off his attack. No fuss, no muss. Yep, Oda was definitely throwing the new movie a Brook sized bone.

Well, I’m a bit self-conscious but given some time I can get used to— Wait. Did you say “New Age” or “Nude Age”?

Glad seeing Momonosuke protect Wano. Aramaki will put the dragon’s resistance in his report. No doubt making the World Government less likely to attack the isolated country.

Manga My Hero Academia

Shiggy’s Home For Imaginary Friends [My Hero Academia 361]

It’s all up to Suneater. Yeah, really.

Okay, so, Suneater’s the key in The Big 3’s master plan to slow down Super Shiggy. Yep…

And apparently, Suneater can also gain the powers of any human he eats, as evident by the shy lad eating Nejire Chan. No! Not like that! A piece of her hair or something else that contains her DNA. Hmm… Makes me wonder if he ate a piece of Togata too? I don’t see why not. Well… Actually, Lemillion’s quirk is hard to master, so maybe he couldn’t for that reason. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Animal Crossing friends don’t count, Shiggy