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Shiggy’s Home For Imaginary Friends [My Hero Academia 361]

It’s all up to Suneater. Yeah, really.

Okay, so, Suneater’s the key in The Big 3’s master plan to slow down Super Shiggy. Yep…

And apparently, Suneater can also gain the powers of any human he eats, as evident by the shy lad eating Nejire Chan. No! Not like that! A piece of her hair or something else that contains her DNA. Hmm… Makes me wonder if he ate a piece of Togata too? I don’t see why not. Well… Actually, Lemillion’s quirk is hard to master, so maybe he couldn’t for that reason. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Animal Crossing friends don’t count, Shiggy
Judging by Shiggy’s appearance, you should’ve eaten a hair comb

Little Shimura’s still inside Shigaraki. Ah, yes. Or, as I like to call him: The Little Copout. Because his sole purpose is giving Shigaraki a chance to be “saved”. Whatever. The guy’s a mass murderer. Take him down, hard. No, Horikoshi? Well, it’s your manga. Do what you like. But, don’t expect me to like it.

♫ Hands on me, left and right. Glock 9 put ’em out like a light (Ska, ska) ♫

This was an okay! Short and to the point. I just wish I was excited about this final arc as I am with One Piece’s. Talk about polar opposites! Maybe Shanks should make a guest appearance here. Have the scarlet-haired pirate call Shiggy on the haki hotline and scare him away. Now that’s what I’d call a One Piece movie tie-in!

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