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Shanks Sliding Into Green Bull’s DMs [One Piece 1055]

One Piece Film: Red, the prequel comic.

Sure, it’s awesome seeing Shanks call Admiral Aramaki on his iHaki, but this was a clear promo for the upcoming One Piece movie. Shanks basically did two important things:

1.) Declare he’s serious about finding One Piece

2.) Force Aramaki to leave Wano.

The first could’ve happened from anywhere in the world. The second reason? Well, Aramaki’s reasoning was Luffy’s still recovering from his fight against Kaido and is currently easy to kill. All Oda had to do was have Luffy (and Zoro) blast some Supreme King Haki at the a-hole admiral and that’d be enough for him to think twice and call off his attack. No fuss, no muss. Yep, Oda was definitely throwing the new movie a Brook sized bone.

Well, I’m a bit self-conscious but given some time I can get used to— Wait. Did you say “New Age” or “Nude Age”?

Glad seeing Momonosuke protect Wano. Aramaki will put the dragon’s resistance in his report. No doubt making the World Government less likely to attack the isolated country.

Sukiyaki will show them other ancient things like a 1953 Cadillac Series 62 and mint condition copy of Amazing Fantasy #1

Jack’s a fish-man? Well, that explains how he survived Zunesha’s attack. So, did he find Old Wano before eating a devil fruit? I guess. Human or not, you should lose your ability to swim after munching on the devil’s…fruit.

Pluton. It’s at Wano, blocked behind the country’s walls. Was it Pica’s devil fruit used by someone 800 years ago that created the rocky barrier? Maybe Dragon’s devil fruit was used to flood Old Wano and hide the battleship? Hmm… And why did Oden decide the time was right to free the ancient weapon? To use it to defeat the World Government? I guess so. Wano’s even more important to the Void Century than I thought. Probably just as much as Zunesha’s connection to Zou.

Luffy remembers his time spent with his red-haired friend, Conan O’Brien

This was a fantastic chapter! Lots of world building and Shanks hype. And don’t forget Yamato joining the Straw Hat crew even more locked in. What’s his role going to be? Cabin boy? Well, we all gotta start somewhere, Yamato, my friend. Have fun cleaning Thousand Sunny’s lavatory.

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