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An Explosive Demise [My Hero Academia 362]

So… is he dead or not?

Is Katsuki Bakugo truly dead? Horikoshi sure wants us to think that. Most of the chapter was dedicated to giving Dynamight a heroic end. Hori even showed Bakugo’s heart getting stabbed. Hmm… This is a toughie. The only way I see Bakugo getting saved is Eri, but she’s not there. Now, could someone have developed a tweaked version of Overhaul’s quirk erasure formula? One that could rewind someone back a minute or so? That’s the only thing I can come up with and it’s one heck of a Hail Mary.

If this was One Piece, all he’d need is some bandages and a post fight afterparty.
Poor Suneater. Throwing a stale cookie at Shigaraki would’ve been more effective than that attack.

Would Horikoshi go down this dark path? I remember thinking he’d never have Gigantomachia destroy cities with the widespread death it would cause and look how that turned out! Okay, Hori-sensei, I’ll bite. Sense I can’t think of a good way Bakugo can survive Shiggy’s attack and this all may be a way to parallel Bakugo’s death to Nana’s, I’ll say, YES. Bakugo. Is. Dead.

Hori’s goal could be Deku and All For Shigaraki’s fight becoming even more personal, just like All Might and All For One’s relationship after the latter killed Nana. With this and Super Shiggy thinking about the Second User, I expect some All For One flashbacks coming. Seriously, they’re long overdue. Especially, what happened leading up to All Might and All For One’s first battle. Mainly because I’m sure the hero O’Clock helped track down All For One for Toshinori and I really want to see him make a cameo in the main series. Squee!

I see Horikoshi’s been researching sweat on Reddit again.

This was a… Nope! I’m not making a final judgement on this chapter until I learn if Bakugo’s 100% dead. If he is, I’ll praise Horikoshi’s bold move. If it’s a fake out, well… I’ll drop the criticism hammer. I hope at the very least we see Bakugo’s funeral if he’s dead. Unlike poor Midnight, who got off-screened killed and buried. Was she even buried? With all the disrespect she got, I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw her in a trash compactor and called it a day. Rest In R-Rated Peace, Kayama!

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