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Goodbye and Good Riddance, Wano [One Piece 1057]

Whelp. At least it’s over.

What the fork, Oda?! Yamato isn’t joining the Straw Hats? Then why has the story heavily implied he is? That’s bullshit and you know it. It was a done deal and you just have Yamato do an 180 on the Wano arc’s last chapter? Maybe if he had a satisfying reason to stay but just because Oden traveled Wano first he’s gonna too? Bleh! Total failure, Oda-sensei.

Now, what I did like about the chapter was Momonosuke and Luffy’s goodbye. It’s so heartwarming! A good sendoff to both Momo and Kin’emon who’ve been with the Straw Hats for years in our time. Perfect.

Congrats, Yamato! You’re now as annoying to me and the original Od*n. Here’s your complimentary roll of sand paper toilet tissue.
Luffy explains STDs to Momonosuke

Well…except for one tiny problem. Why didn’t Luffy say goodbye to Momo and Kin in the first place??? It was never explained! The hell, Oda?! So, what? You just thought of the perfect goodbye but couldn’t figure out how to set it up? It made no sense in-universe. Am I to believe Luffy didn’t say goodbye, hoping Momo and Kin would show up and see them off? That took me out of the chapter almost as much as Yamato changing his damn mind at the finish line. Strike two, Oda.

And here’s strike three: The people of Wano delighting in the deaths of the Kurozumi Family. Sure, the Kurozumi members who tried taking over Wano deserved what they got, but the entire family has to pay for it? If the Kozuki Clan only went after the Kurozumis responsible for the attempted coup, Orochi probably wouldn’t have become a tyrant. If Kanjuro wasn’t attacked for simply being a Kurozumi, maybe he would still be an actor and not had dedicated his entire existence to destroying the Kozuki Clan. Get what I’m saying? Attempting to destroy the entire Kurozumi Family helped lead Wano into this 20 year mess in the first place. What the absolute hell, Wano?!

Meet again? Honey, I’ve already blocked you on Facebook and Instagram.

This was a good chapter! Despite the ratchet ending, it’s over. The bloated Wano Arc is over and I’m willing to forgive everything that happened in this chapter and simply move on. Wait? Did Kaido and Big Mom truly die? …Nah! I bet the next cover story stars them. They’ll get washed up on a deserted island with a skipper, millionare couple, a movie star, the Professor, and Mary Ann. Yeah, I made a Gilligan’s Island reference. I’ve got no shame in my game.

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One reply on “Goodbye and Good Riddance, Wano [One Piece 1057]”

Good send off to Kin and Momo- not my favorite chapter. Which sucks. Because- even back when I was just talking about the series on Facebook- I had started reviewing the series WITH Wano. I WANTED to review this chapter, but my heart wouldn’t be in it! So I didn’t.
Oh well; the arc at least set up some things that’ll be important later. Can’t deny the arcs importance to the story. Hopefully Oda can go out on a high note! It would be TRAGIC if the Finale of one of the Longest Running Manga- the Best Selling Manga in the History of Mankind- would end with Luffy getting Nami pregnant and they name the boy “Naruto.” PLEASE DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN- I’m sorry I even put that out there.

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