Manga My Hero Academia

Extreme Makeover: Villain Edition [My Hero Academia 363]

All For One brought sexy back. You other villains don’t know how to act.

All For One’s healed?! Uh-oh! Either he’s got the world’s most talented plastic surgeon on his side or that needle we last saw him with contained Eri’s blood. Is this the final payoff to Tomura stealing Overhaul’s research? Looks like it. But instead of manufacturing quirk erasing weapons, the yummy Overlord of Evil used it to recover from All Might’s attack. Smart.

What does this mean for the injured Endeavor, Hawks and everyone else and Gunga Villa ruins? Well, they’re screwed! At least they are without backup. Um…Skycrawler? You comin’ or what?

AFO’s dream of becoming a Calvin Klein underwear model can finally come true
Dabi’s benefiting from other people’s hard work so much he should become a YouTube reactor

Bakugo’s still dead. This may be permanent, Y’all. And where the hell is Edgeshot? Is he’s preparing a final gambit against Super Shigaraki or did Horikoshi simply forgot to draw him? If it’s the former, he could be the next casualty on the hero list.

Dabi’s got an ice quirk? How else can he copy Shoto’s Phosphor move? If so, is it natural, or did AFO convince him to take a stolen one? Not sure, but an ice quirk will not only keep Dabi alive longer, but make him more dangerous if he can mimic more of Shoto’s moves. Dabi VS Shoto: Round 2 confirmed!

Skeptic’s hacking. Good! Only because there’s now a chance we’ll see La Brava trying to stop him. And if she’s helping the heroes, perhaps Gentle is too. Hee-hee!

Skeptic, a less evil Mark Zuckerberg

This was a good chapter! Sure, Horikoshi basically hit the villain reset button. But considering this arc started with fights from the top 3 villains in the series, I figured something strange was going to happen. I’m looking forward to see how the heroes will deal with this and AFO’s goons inside the shelter. Who’s left to fight them off? Mama Midoriya, Giant Fox Woman, and Eri, of course! Screw, AFO. This is the real final battle I wanna see. Let’s go~~!


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