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Wanted Dead Or Alive [One Piece 1058]

Alert! Alert! Bounty chapter has arrived!

Ah, yes, I love bounty chapters. It’s always nice seeing how dangerous the World Government considers the Straw Hats. Although, it’s weird Chopper’s considered a “senior officer” but still has a joke bounty. Heh. Senior Officers. I love seeing the crew referred to as that. So cool!

Not gonna comment on all the bounties, just the ones I find interesting, such as Franky not getting a bounty picture (It’s a picture of the Thousand Sunny instead.). That can’t be just a one-off joke. Something more’s going on here. Could it have something to do with Vegapunk? Or Franky’s parents? Hmm…

Cotton Candy Lover, Cat Burglar. Soul King. Cyborg. God. It’s like a game of Dungeons & Dragons on acid.
Um… Mihawk’s poster says he’s worth 3.590 TRILLION. Someone at Navy HQ’s getting fired.

Robin’s got the 5th highest bounty! Congratulations, Robin! Makes sense given her ties to Ohara. And, good ole Jimbei’s has the 3rd highest bounty?! That’s a surprise. Thought he’d be 4th. Also, I wanna mention how much I love Jimbei’s seemless addition to the Straw Hat Crew. He’s the cool uncle of the group, which mixes well with other, bigger personalities in the crew. Welcome aboard, Jimbei!

Let’s talk about the Cross Guild organization. Sir Crocodile and Hawk-Eyes Mihawk came up with the idea of a group putting bounties on Navy officers. Why? What’s their endgame? Is it simply a means to keep their pursuers busy or something more? Picking a fight with the Navy is an enormous deal. Knowing Crocodile, there’s more going on here to be revealed later.

Was Monkey D. Dragon friends with King Cobra? From his reaction that Sabo may have killed him, that could be the case. Can’t wait to see what actually went down during the Reverie. Start the flashback, Sabo.

Time to die, Buggy. But first, let’s binge every episode of Fleabag.

This was a good chapter! World building chapters are always fun to read. Poor Kuma is so robotic now. Maybe Dragon can fix him. He could tell the former Warlord about his old life as a revolutionary and part-time dentist. Oh? You didn’t know about that? Looks like someone better reread the entire series from the start. I’m sure you’ll find the clues, eventually. Good luck!

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