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Disarmed and Dangerous [My Hero Academia 365]

What is even happening??

You know what? I’m getting sick and tired of all the pro-heroes who appeared in My Hero Vigilantes dying and/or getting disfigured. Endeavor, Mirko, Ingenium, Eraserhead, Best Jeanist (fake died), Sir Nighteye, Midnight, All Might (Technically is gone.), and Mirko. Who’s next? Fat Gum? Burnin? And, yes, I know I said Mirko twice. It’s because she’s lost her other arm in this chapter. Yeesh!

Something’s affecting All For Shiggy’s perfect body. Did Bakugo’s attack mess him up more than he thought, or is it more psychological? Is “Tenko” at work here? Who knows? I sure don’t. Let me be honest here: I don’t like Deku wanting to “save” Shigaraki. It get it’s one of My Hero’s themes but I feel Shigaraki’s caused way too much death and destruction for that to even be an option anymore. Yes, he was groomed by All For One and yes, he’s also a victim of that monster. But, again, he’s gone past the point of no return. Just like AFO should be put down for good, so should Shigaraki.

You’re so cool, Mirko. Give me fiv— Oh…! Never mind.

Horikoshi doesn’t agree.

For someone with no quirks active, Shiggy’s doing a lot of freaky quirk stuff.

Fine. I don’t have to agree with everything an author does to enjoy a story. As long as it’s a good story, I don’t care. Unfortunately, I’m not liking what’s going on here. I’m not liking this AFO/Shigaraki fusion. And I’m certainly ain’t liking “Tenko” getting thrown into the mix. It’s unnecessarily confusing and uninteresting. The-Villain-Is-His-Own-Worse-Enemy route can be a dangerous path to walk and Horikoshi’s not doing a good job of it…so far.

Maybe things will change for the better later on. For right now though, I’m not liking where things are going. It’s a shame too. Horikoshi created such an interesting world but seems hellbent on not exploring it as deeply as it can be. International heroes and hero schools. Artificial A.I. and other advanced technology. Heck, even Japan’s Top 10 pro-heroes (Endeavor being an exception). So much of this world and its inhabitants could be explored in depth, but isn’t. We still don’t even know why Mirko hates team-ups! I-I’m just so frustrated with this fight and My Hero Academia in general, Y’all.

I’ve heard the rumors. Horikoshi’s got imposter syndrome and focuses on the main story in fear of getting cancelled. I’ve heard Japan’s MHA fans didn’t like the My Villain Academia arc, and that’s affected Hori’s story choices since then. It’s all rumors as far as I can tell. I would love for Horikoshi-sensei to talk about his process one day after the series is complete. To sit down and clear the air, once and for all.

Wash is here? Want the fork has he been doing all this time? Laundry?!

This was an annoying chapter! The fight was annoying. Edgeshot’s sacrifice was annoying. And everything with Shigaraki was annoying. Why can’t battle shonen end on a high note anymore? Seems like every final arc is a mess. Hope Oda doesn’t lose his mind and does something crazy with One Piece. The moment Gin, Hancock, and Zombie Ace join the crew, I’m out!

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2 replies on “Disarmed and Dangerous [My Hero Academia 365]”

Japanese fans dislike of the My Villain Academia arc- YES; I heard that one, too. And it really sucks because we in the West loved it, but Jump cares more about it’s Japanese fanbase. I don’t know if it affected Horikoshi directly, but……….. it certainly affected the Editorial staff. I’m glad he has a new one now!
To me; it feels like he got his dream, and wanted to rap it up soon. But the “dream” went on longer than he expected; the stress of a weekly serialization- and the reactions from fans that make their way to the editorial staff- got to him, and now he’s just trying to get this over with. It just feels like he’s had his dream come true and he’s ready to move on to the next.
I don’t think he’ll be able to say what fully went on until YEARS after the end- maybe 5 to 10 years after he’s finished the story. I don’t think he’ll return to the manga scene for a long time, so when enough time as past; he’ll tell us the TRUTH.
I don’t know anymore. I just don’t. And clearly; neither does Hori. I don’t know how much further he can go.

It can be stressful for anyone to have to make a weekly comic. Maybe he cracked under the pressure or maybe his editors are steering him wrong. Or maybe THIS is exactly what he wants. Whatever the case, I hope he has no regrets and is happy.

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