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Once You Go Blackbeard… [One Piece 1059]

Blackbeard’s in the chapter. Instant 10 out of 10.

Well hello there, Blackbeard! How’s you and you’re 3.996 billion berri bounty? Geez, that’s high! Almost like you’re gonna be the final antagonist or something. So, why did Blackbeard kidnap Koby? Or did Koby go with Blackbeard willingly? Maybe the plucky naval officer wanted to speak with ex-admiral Kuzan? Hmm…

Why does Blackbeard want Hancock’s power? Does he want to give it to a member of his crew? Or, is it simply too broken a power for anyone not on his team to wield? I’d say it’s the second reason. Can’t have instant KO devil fruits like that putting Teech’s plans at risk. Basically, Boa Hancock is a liability who had to be taken off the board.

Hancock can’t handle that BBC (Big Blackbeard Captain).

And, what’s the current pirate empress gonna do now? Where will she go? I guess she could find Luffy or someone who might know where he is. Maybe she’ll track down a member of the Straw Hat Fleet. That would be a fun way to bring them back into the story.

Lil Nas X, Neil Patrick Harris, and Elton John respectfully disagree

Seraphim Pacifista. Vegapunk cooked up quite a new weapon, huh? Lunarian and Warlord DNA mixed in with (I assume) cyborgnetic technology. That’s one heck of a meal! We’ve already seen Hancock and Mihawk pacifista. Could Crocodile, Doflamingo, and Jimbei be next? How about a Buggy the Clown pacifista? Now, that’s scary!

Shakuyaku’s a former pirate empress? Nice! I guess it explains Rayleigh’s connection to Amazon Lily. Now I really want to learn about her and Rayleigh’s history together.

Egg Head? Geez, Vegapunk. We get it. You’re the nerd king.

This was an excellent chapter! More delicious world building goodness on my plate! Oda fed us good this time. And we have the Rocky Port Incident flashback to look forward to at some point. Mmm-mmm! I’m gonna have to go to the gym after reading this chapter. *BURP!*

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